Author: Vladislava Palinka

Vladi is a professional PR and communication manager with proven experience in digital marketing. Now she takes care of global marketing and business growth at Wincher, keyword rank tracker.
3 Keyword Research Tips to Achieve Success at SEO
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3 Keyword Research Tips to Achieve Success at SEO

Search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms and it is difficult to fill your website with keywords and reach the first positions in the Rank. This problem is familiar to everyone related to SEO. The process itself involves many factors, one of them is creating a quality SEO strategy. Professionals in the digital area and business owners are always faced with developing a strategy. The basis of an SEO strategy is better-quality screening and researching of key queries. How important is it? Important! SEO should start with Keyword Research. According to the Ahrefs provided statistics, about 90% of keywords are unaccustomed and don't get the results. It means, even if you create unique content and a great content strategy without the quality filling with keyword...