Author: Arup Roy

Mr Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, an eminent brand emphasizing the use of technologies for businesses across industries. Having worked all over the world with varied businesses, he knows the importance of advanced technologies that can make brands exclusive in terms of quality offerings.
Why Should You Apply AR In Education and Training

Why Should You Apply AR In Education and Training

We have seen that the traditional methods of education are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Actually those have been replaced by technology innovations and digitization. Market reports have suggested that the industry of education technology will reach 680.1 billion dollars by 2027 at an annual growth rate of 17.9 percent. Talking about the prominent trends in education technology, AR has got a distinctive status. It has been predicted that by 2023, the worth of AR in this realm will surpass 5.3 billion dollars. This scope certainly suggests that AR will definitely unfold a pool of opportunities for educational institutions across the globe. Opportunities of AR in training and education With suitable AR apps you serve a number of purposes for making education better. First...