Amazon Fire HD 8 with 400GB MicroSD Card Review

The Fire HD series is a brilliant step taken by Amazon to make pocket-friendly as well as sharp tablets that can compete with the latest tablet industry. Amazon, targeting on Apple and Microsoft said they want to make a trust and open the eyes of people to not pay tremendous amount just for the name of brands. Amazon Fire HD 8 is a good build device,

The tablet is having a feature to become your echo dot by new Alexa mode which is an up-gradation from the previous model. The display resolution is perfect for watching movies and shows and you can even work on it with Office tools.

The market is complaining about its battery life and interface. So, is this device should be considered as a raw experiment by Amazon and can be only used as a file opener or it has some recent market worth capabilities?
Let’s find this out in the detailed review of Amazon Fire HD 8

Design and Build Quality

The Amazon Fire HD 8 looks perfect and cute in the first look. Its dimension makes it perfect to handle in hands. The rigidity and durability of body material can be felt. The plastic used is of premium quality. It weighs around 365g which doesn’t make it heavier in the tablet market.

The colour on the outer body not just makes it prettier but also its texture helps in holding it. While using it for a while it is observed that the topmost and side part of plastic goes a little bit inward every time you use any physical control on that side.

Amazon Fire HD 8

What about the Amazon Fire HD 8 Controls?

The device is surrounded by physical buttons and controls. On the Top, you have a 3.5mm jack, power button, micro USB port for data sharing and charging, volume controllers. Twin speakers for loud sound are placed on the left, microSD card slot is on the right. The front consists of an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 1280 along with front 2MP camera. There is the Amazon Text logo is on the back along with the rear camera.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Performance

The performance of Amazon Fire HD 8 is above average. The 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek CPU along with 1.5GB of RAM does their best, but efforts of them are suppressed by the UI. Talking about the screen, the 189 PPI display is not suitable as compared to other tablets. The colour distribution and reproduction are also weaker. Yes, it has improved in storage handling and supports up to 400GB microSD card.

It has a different UI totally focused on promoting Amazon’s services and product. You will find “Home”, “Books”, “Videos” and many more market just like play store on the main menu. This may irritate you some time by making it harder to find simple apps like alarm or calendar. There is a show mode which your device turns into echo dot or amazon’s assistant in which Alexa can do the same tasks as a weather report, news, songs and more.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The camera shouldn’t be your concern while purchasing Fire HD 8. It has a 2MP camera on both front and rear which tries its best but unable to maintain focus even in a bright environment. And when zoomed, there is clearly no detail of the captured image and the reason is its lens quality.

The Battery life

Amazon Fire HD 8 is poor in terms of battery management. It consists of a non-removable Lithium Polymer 3210mAh battery. If you have priority of quick charge or last moment backup habit, then you should think about other models as Amazon Fire HD 8 takes a minimum of five and a half or six hours to fully charge.

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Amazon’s claim to provide a 10+hour battery life, but I would say it may or may not survive after 8 ½ to 9 hours depending on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and calling usage.

Price and Availability

Amazon Fire HD 8 is available in multiple variants like 16GB and 32GB ROM. The 8th generation model of Fire HD 8 (2018)16GB can be purchased for $79.99 and the 32GB for $109.99. It is initially sold in the US and the partial UK. You can also apply for Software Engineer Intern jobs to know about this field.

Amazon Fire HD 8 is available in multiple colours like black, yellow, and blue and red. You can order it from Amazon for combo offers with Show charging dock during prime days.


Amazon Fire HD 8 does its best to provide the user with a good interface and features, but it does lack the level and mark of the current tablet market. Amazon has thought that the different UI will give a new experience to the user, but this may vary from people to people, those having habits of faster and quicker app search and user experience will surely give it fewer points.

It has a good display and builds quality, but again it lacks in battery life. Just an Alexa feature can’t cover up the lags alone. See, if you are searching for a tablet for normal entertainment purpose with cost lesser than current tablets like iPads, you can choose the Amazon Fire HD 8.

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