Affordable Conference Room Booking in Stockholm

The conference rooms in Stockholm are meant for formal or large meetings. Due to sizes and seating possibilities, the conference rooms in Stockholm are often used for lectures with one person leading the meeting and speaking to the rest of the group.

The best type of conference room meeting is focused on education, training, or presentations. The dense morning fog has eased up and made noticeable the shapes of the impressive palace. The commotion of the huge city is not generally heard, just Konferens nära Stockholm tranquillity.

Otherworldly and grand conditions contrast present-day conference rooms. The motivation is there and gives you the right apparatuses for an imaginative conference. At Thoresta Herrgård, Stockholm, they think that privacy and closeness are important for a successful conference.

They work strategically and long-term with the environment and sustainability as they are located on a living farm. Therefore, the proximity to Stockholm, Uppsala and nearby airports such as Arlanda and Bromma is also important to them.

Conference Room Booking

Contingent upon what your objectives are with your conference, hotels in Stockholm can offer various exercises notwithstanding your meeting bundle. Would you like to make a superior union with group building or perhaps unwind? They assist you with fitting your conference bundle with the two exercises and diversion.

In collaboration with activity organizations, hotels in Stockholm can today offer their corporate visitors a wide scope of various meeting exercises to browse. Under their support, they can offer an assortment of exercises, for example, game competitions like boules, darts, whelp, or why not a pentathlon following a compensating meeting day with partners.

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Table of Contents

Conference room with an overnight stay

Hotels offer premises in a notable climate, where dinners are remembered for your bundle for 24 hours. They invite you to their morning coffee where you accumulate before a joint conference start and ends with a genuine palace breakfast.

The package includes.

  • Morning coffee with a sandwich
  • Organic product, desserts, and water in the room
  • Served lunch in the lounge area at the palace
  • Evening coffee with a natively constructed coffee break
  • Full supper
  • Short term visit with convenience in a twofold room
  • Liberal breakfast buffet

All-inclusive conference room

Meet the enchanted occasional changes at the palace! The comprehensive meeting incorporates all that you want in one day. The bundle incorporates:

  • Morning espresso with a sandwich
  • Served lunch
  • Organic product
  • Desserts and water in the room
  • Evening espresso with home-prepared espresso bread
  • Full supper
  • Wine bundle
  • Liberal breakfast buffet
  • Meeting room for 1 day
  • Convenience.


Book your next Kick off with them and you will make recollections forever. This incorporates restrictive freedoms with its bar and music framework. Stockholm is an ideal spot to end the evening after a fabulous supper. There is additionally the amazing chance to book a singer or a music test to challenge associates.

The package includes

  • Morning coffee with a sandwich served lunch in the lounge area at the Castle
  • Natural product
  • Desserts and water in the room
  • Evening espresso with home-heated espresso bread
  • Full supper
  • Convenience in a twofold room, and
  • Liberal breakfast buffet
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Active and sustainable meetings in the middle of nature

You will observe an adaptable meeting office in Stockholm with all that you need. You are encircled by delightful picturesque environmental factors. There are altogether the valuable chances to move around following a long conference day. Either all alone or as a conference movement.

In Stockholm, the hotels have numerous conference rooms in various sizes from 10 to 110 individuals. Adjusted for everything from little conferences to enormous assortments. There you have a hotel, an eatery, and an unwinding region in outright vicinity. Everything in a similar house is simple and adaptable.

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