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Lagos is #1 Best Eco Friendly Startups City in Africa

Lagos of Nigeria has emerged as the best eco friendly startups city in Africa. Lagos ranked ahead of Nairobi of Kenya, and Cape Town of South Africa. According to StartupBlink’s 2019 global startup ecosystem rankings report that analyses startup ecosystems in 1,000 cities and 100 countries, Lagos has the best startup ecosystem in Africa, followed […]

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10 Most Startup Friendly Countries In The World

Are you contemplating launching your business abroad? If so, read our in-depth guide to learn more about the most startup friendly nations in the world. The rise of digital technologies and cheap international transport options have allowed fledgeling start-ups to become more global in their outlook. Thanks to globalisation, many of today’s entrepreneurs are looking […]

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Interview with TheLister Startup that changed business in India

When and how did you start these changes in the business in India? The year was 2017 when I ( Pratik Bhuyan ) & Praveen had just completed one year from graduation. Honestly, we were not much of the best pals or “bros” in our college life, but we always conspired to do something unknown, […]

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Why is Laravel Preferred as PHP Framework Software?

One of the most critical tasks for any business is to choose the best framework so that a robust web application can be created. PHP frameworks are not parts of the technology that got introduced to the world recently. Laravel however, is a relatively newer framework, that today so many businesses are so fond of. […]

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Joomla or WordPress: Choosing a CMS That’s Right for You

They often get confused when choosing the right content management system for their website. You can find a large number of reviews and articles about both Joomla and WordPress. These are the two best and most popular CMS platforms for your website. WordPress and Joomla both are mainly considered safe. It has been observed that […]

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5 Ways Fashion Industry Transformation Clings On AI

All over the world, if you want to pick an industry that has always been open to transformation for its own betterment, then it is none other than the fashion industry. We can compare its aggressiveness to evolve with a volcanic eruption. In this fast-moving industry, designers continuously put the metal on the pedal to […]

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Top 5 Mobile App Development Company in New York

This statement is true for the heart, “Most cities are nouns. New York’s a verb.” New York, undoubtedly, can be deemed as the town of dreams and hopes. From luxury fashion brands to fund as well as tech. This town shelters everything and each. Therefore it makes sense to search for your tech solutions at […]

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