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How to Create Effective Video Ads for Your Brand

Video ads are commercials that are designed and distributed in a video format. Video ads are often referred to as video commercials or viral videos. Today, many companies use AdWords to advertise on Google; therefore, there is a competition to consider when planning a successful ad campaign. However, there is a great opportunity that we […]

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Best Use of Explainer Videos for Online Business

Explainer videos can be a great way to increase website traffic by explaining new products, services and/or sales concepts in an entertaining way. Explainer videos can also be used to describe changes to the business that may affect customers. For example, if a business owner is thinking about adding a new section to the business […]

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How to Use DaVinci Resolve To Create Your Videos

The new version of the DaVinci Video Editor is an advanced non-linear and colour correction video editor for Mac OS X, Windows, and many Linux operating systems, designed by DaVinci Systems. With its new video features, DaVinci Resolve can now do some amazing things on your computer screens, such as making a movie trailer, or […]

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Animiz Animation Maker – Video Presentations Made Easy

Animiz animation maker is the most popular program of its kind that you can use to create amazing animated videos. It is one of the most effective tools you can use in creating entertaining presentations for any type of target audience. This is the most popular product of its kind that can help you display […]

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Top 12 Virtual Learning Platforms for Kids and Teachers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, almost the entire world has become dependent on technology. From ordering groceries online, working from home to children relying on the virtual learning platforms technology to continue teaching. Many institutes complete their graduate programs in the months of May and June and this year, with the […]

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7 Best Design Toolkit to Display Your Content

Using graphic design toolkit is an excellent way to enrich our content so that they look more professional and attractive. The exciting thing that there is more and more competition between these design programs, so it is the reason why is that they can offer us free versions or relatively low prices. Either to place […]

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Autodesk Inventor Publisher Interactive 3D Mobile Viewer Tool

The Autodesk Inventor Publisher mobile viewer is a software designed to allow users to interactively view animated, interactive 3D assembly instructions created with Autodesk Inventor Publisher software. With the Autodesk Inventor Publisher mobile viewer, you have important product information and instructions at your fingertips wherever you go. Users of Inventor Publisher software can easily publish […]

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3D Animation Maker for Novice and Advanced Animators

Aurora 3D animation maker is a professional animation software created for novice and advanced animators to create exceptional and customizable animations. The Aurora 3D animation maker allows users to change the colour and texture, orientation, and scale of objects. Users can also change the bevel effect for shapes and text. Animators can also control light […]

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