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Pros and Cons of Monitoring App and Internet for Kids

After so many analyses, we have come up with both pros and cons of the kid’s monitoring app. I’ve been researching the importance of internet gadgets in the kid’s life, and the conclusion is that internet usage is important for the kids because it has so much informative material. Internet helps the children in developing […]

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How to Use Call Recording App to Monitor Your Kids

Most of the call recording apps come with tons of audio codecs which can be automatically used to record calls. Our kids now often make wrong choices and this happen not only due to lack of knowledge but also the reasons behind it is their surroundings, Chemical changes in the body and whatever the reasons […]

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Advanced Vehicle Security Device for Safety of Your Kids

The safety and security of kids is always the top priority for a mother. We live in an era where parents prefer sending their kids to daycare rather than letting them stay with grandparents. When the kids start going to school or other relevant places, the focus of a mother shifts to security. Mothers constantly […]

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Why You Need the PC Spy Software at Schools?

The schools’ management nowadays is looking forward to finding a PC spy software that can help them in monitoring their students in the digital environment. This is because the computers in the schools’ labs are always connected to cyber space and students are so much prone to get into connection with the cyber criminals. Besides […]

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Best mobile tracking app to monitor your children activities

TheOneSpy mobile tracking app is cross-platform monitoring software planned for parents, spouses and employers to track the happenings of their offspring, significant others and workforces. The app comes preloaded with hundreds of features to track specified actions performed on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, and Windows OS supported devices. The mobile tracking app is distinguished among […]

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LifeShield Home Security Surveillance Camera System

LifeShield home security system is a DIY surveillance camera system comes with a base station v3 which has a 24-hour backup battery in case the crooks cut your electricity, 4 layer protection (cellular, cellular text, broadband and phone line), 2 motion sensors 4 sensors for either a door or window, 1 camera, a keypad, a […]

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