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5 Best Stock Market Investment Strategies

There are different ways to invest in the stock market, and the choice you make depends on your preference and needs. Stock market investment is essential in generating long-term wealth. When you invest in the stock market, the first step is to determine your investing approach. Here are five stock market investment tips Robo Advisor […]

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Why is there a Risk in Stock Market Investment?

With the prevailing mode of making investments, people get confused with the idea of making their money double or activating the idle funds to reactivate its proposition. Not all people believe in that and avoid investing in stocks. They are afraid of many risks connected to the stock market. The stock markets have many things […]

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How the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Works

It is important to get hold of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund so as to learn how to develop your own business here in Nigeria. There is a huge need in Nigeria for business. Nigeria has been a country which has been devastated by a number of natural disasters that hit the country. There is […]

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Best Capital Investment to Study Online just for N10,000

Many people have been asking same questions on daily basis on many of the Facebook groups I belong to on what business or capital investment they can start or invest on with an amount ranging from 50,000 thousand nairas to 500,000 thousand nairas. But I have good news for you today if you are one […]

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Everything to Know about Real Estate Investment in India

Real estate investment is famous around the world for being one of the most lucrative ones. The reasons behind it are obviously great returns on the real estate investment. A lot of people might wonder if the same is true for real estate investments in India. The conditions didn’t seem all that favourable in some […]

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Fixed Deposit Vs Other 5 Investment Options in India

Fixed Deposit (FD) has been a staple investment option for Indians across income groups. With FD being a safe, reliable and straightforward way to grow money, it’s easy to understand why. Fixed deposits are a high-interest yielding Term deposit and offered by banks in India. The most popular form of Term deposits is FDs, while […]

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NRI FD Investment: 5 Things You Should Know

Non-resident Indians (NRI) / Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) / Person of Indian Origin (PIO) are always on the lookout for the most lucrative NRI deposits for investing. The current interest rate scenario in India allows them higher returns when compared to their country of work. Considerations for NRIs While all the major economies across […]

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Why iOS App Development is a Worthy Investment

It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile. 80% of the population across the globe use mobile devices to search for anything on the internet (source: Statista). Knowing its importance, many businesses are already using the iOS app to promote their services and increase the visibility of their brand. Android and iOS are two major […]

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5 Reasons Why Apartment Investment Is Profitable

If you’re well off and want to have a long-term business, you can take advantage of the many opportunities that are around you. Apartment investment is one of them. Apartment investment is a brilliant idea to maintain your economy. Of course, there are many things you should consider before investing in an apartment. It would […]

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3 Best Digital Currency Investment Benefits over Stocks

Digital currency investment in recent times has risen as an appealing digital investment option. A veteran crypto trader Glenn Goodman considers the rise of virtual cash as once-in an era opportunity. Glenn Goodman further adds that everybody should grab the opportunity with both hands. But does not miss on to warn you by saying, like […]

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4 Tools to Earn Money Online Without any investment

Earning money online in today’s world of the Internet is very big. Not only is it used for entertainment, news and social media, but now you can also easily earn a lot of money online sitting at home. Nowadays people do more than half of their work online by sitting at home only through the […]

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11 Best Startup Business Ideas With Low Investment

So many people today are looking to leave the daily grind for something that feeds their passion. People do not want to retire at the age of 60 and look back on life and feel they have wasted it. Nothing is as good as working for yourself. Even when you love your present job, you […]

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How To Find The Right Investment Advisor For Yourself?

Investing is a crucial part of financial management but at times can be quite risky. If you are a no nothing investor or if you have a low-risk appetite, you might have to consider finding an Investment Advisor for yourself. Finding the right adviser is not as easy as it sounds. Your adviser must be […]

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Building Cost Estimator App for Real Estate Investment Sites

The building cost estimator is one real estate investment app to help you quickly create on-site estimates for construction projects using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This app will save you time and money by quickly creating cost estimates with a few taps of your finger you can add some cost items, enter the quantities, […]

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Singapore Stock Market Investment Indices Mobile Apps

The Singapore Stock market is the leading and trusted Stock market investment exchange in Asia operating equity, fixed income and derivatives markets to the highest regulatory standards. Being Asia’s multi-asset Singapore stock market investment trading exchange, Singapore exchange is providing a stock listing, online stock market trading, clearing, settlement, depository and data services, with about […]

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9 Common Investment Mistakes to Avoid in Nigeria

If you considered yes to any of the thoughts above, you are not alone. From our interaction with customers, we get tons of questions daily bordering around these issues common investment mistakes to avoid. Chances are that you have probably considered investing part of your money in the past, can you remember what went wrong […]

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