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5 Skills Needed for Blockchain Architect to be Certified

With blockchain having dominated the last decade of tech news and trends, it’s high time that the world witnesses its potential. Many blockchain-related roles, such as a certified blockchain architect, could pave an exceptional career path for people in IT. The role of a blockchain solutions architect is easily the most crucial one in the […]

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Best Blockchain Solutions For Small to Medium Size Companies

Blockchain technology has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Blockchain has brought about significant change with its superior solutions in the financial industry worldwide and has been targeting towards benefiting different industries as well as the small to medium size companies. Apart from the technological and cryptocurrency feature which is the highlight of blockchain […]

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How Blockchain can Revolutionize Information Technology

Since its inception in 2016-17, Blockchain technology has been the buzzword across the business and information technology landscape. It is being acclaimed as the next big thing after the open-source platforms and is predicted to have a similar impact on the industry. One of the reasons for Blockchain technology popularity is the underlying security it […]

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How Blockchain is Revamping the Mobile Application Market

Blockchain is one of the most rapidly spread and valued technologies of this century. Blockchain gives enormous quickness and impenetrable security measures. Combining this technology into developing mobile apps is a considerable idea for mobile application market, as we know everything around is modernized. The idea of entwining these two will produce profitable results. What […]

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How blockchain challenges the intellectual property ecosystem

Intellectual property protection is known to stimulate and protect all the virtual aspects of human behaviour; the protection further provides a set groundwork for better ideas and lays down the groundwork for profitable endeavours as well. Blockchain, on the other hand, is a cutting-edge technology that is completely unrelated to economies and Intellectual property but […]

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Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginner

Bitcoin is the first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency which follows a peer-to-peer networking system, Blockchain technology is the worlds leading software dealing with digital assets or transactions. Blockchain technology is usually considered to have the potential to lay new foundations for social and economic systems. Blockchain often lives in a state of consensus, blockchain is a set […]

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Real Estate Investing Using the Cryptocurrency Blockchain

Brickblock is one of the only blockchain projects with a working product backed by technical and legal proofs of concept that allows real estate investing in tokenized assets on the blockchain. The Brickblock’s smart contract platform offers an easy, secure, and transparent way to invest in real estate assets. Brickblock is using blockchain technology and […]

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Why Nigeria Economist make Case for Blockchain Technology

The Nigeria chief economist at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Nigeria, Dr Andrew Nevin has said that the adoption of Blockchain technology can increased transparency, lead to accurate tracking and cost reduction in financial intermediation. According to him, using blockchain can confirm transactions without the need for a central certifying authority; even as potential applications include […]

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Blockchain Strategic Real Business Value Revealed

Bitcoin is the first and most scandalous utilization of blockchain snatching features at its soaring cost and instability. That the focal point of blockchain is wrapped up with Bitcoin isn’t amazing given that its fairly estimated worth flooded from under $20 billion to more than $200 billion through the span of 2017. Yet Bitcoin is […]

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Guides for Crypto Startups

“Money” is not only a viable instrument, it also turns out to be a trust symbol among two parties in the transactions. Since people hold their finances in both physical and digital forms, the financial industry is in need of secure terminologies(Decentralized Finance) that initiate more crypto startups recently. These startups turn to financial services […]

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Best Crypto Wallets to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies may be on your shopping list for those who have been following the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets integrated with an exchange like Coinbase is one option, but it’s not the only one. When you are using fancy hardware wallets, you may also use plain old paper to […]

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Best Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallets for All Coins

Cryptocurrency wallets are a piece of software that keeps track of the secret keys required to digitally sign cryptocurrency transactions on distributed ledgers. They are an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem since they are the sole way to establish ownership of digital assets and to conduct transactions that transfer or change them in some […]

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Overview of The Best Crypto Wallets 2021

When it comes to storing your cryptocurrency, there are a plethora of Crypto wallets to choose from nowadays. However, with so many options, selecting the best one might be tough. Because everyone’s desires and demands are diverse, the same Crypto wallet isn’t appropriate for everyone. That is why, to locate the best Crypto wallet for […]

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Popular Crypto Exchanges and Crypto Earning Sites

Cryptocurrencies have an indisputable impact on today’s investment environment. In recent years, what started as a small-scale technology experiment with limited appeal has grown into a large global movement with substantial profit potential for Crypto exchanges investors. The sheer magnitude of the cryptocurrency market may terrify newcomers. Thousands of digital currencies have been created, with […]

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Cryptocurrency Earning Sites to Make Money With Crypto

Different platforms are recognizing the value of cryptocurrency earnings than their own. Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, have progressed from a niche interest to a mainstream economy with a market cap of $1 trillion this year. As a result, other platforms are incorporating them, as well as blockchain technology, which is a method of keeping […]

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Decentralized vs Centralized Exchange: Which is the Best

Individuals have regained control because of cryptocurrency. Since its launch in 2009, digital money has seen significant growth due to its ability to eliminate the need for third-party involvement in transactions. In the modern digital age, it is extremely valuable as money that is nearly impossible to reproduce. There are around 200 bitcoin exchanges where […]

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