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9 Best Study Abroad Guide For International Students

Study abroad for the Indian students can be an enriching experience as well as a terrifying experience. If you are planning to pursue MBBS in Russia then make sure that you are prepared well to have an enriching experience in your dream country.

For most of the Indians, pursuing MBBS in Russia can sometimes be a daunting experience. So there are many things that Indian students need to be prepared for before moving to Russia. These study abroad guides will definitely help the students to enjoy their living and education in their dream country Russia.

Basic Things You Should Know Before Moving to Russia to Have a Great Experience

Study Abroad Guide

A Great Research

  • The students should always do proper and detailed research by surfing the internet for information and resources.
  • The students can contact the University for getting information about their stay and the study pattern.
  • The information about the weather conditions of the place will definitely help the students to pack their bag.
  • The students should have an idea about the currency exchange rate and also they should carry enough money until they open a bank account in the country.

Bag Packing

  • Make sure that you are carrying all the necessary and relevant documents and visa that will allow you to study abroad in Russia.
  • Do not forget to carry the mobile as well as the laptop chargers.
  • The winters in Russia are quite different than that of the winters in India. So always carry lots of warm clothes.
  • Do not forget to carry the travel book of Russia
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Cultural Variations

Russia and India differ with each other from the perspective of culture. The students should always have a look at the cultural practices in Russia. Having some knowledge about the history and the political benefit of the country will definitely help you to start on good terms with the people living in Russia. This will help to make your experience great while pursuing MBBS in Russia.


Before moving to Russia, the students should know each and every detail related to their accommodation. The students can get in touch with their university for the accommodation facilities.

On Arrival

The most important thing that a student is supposed to do after reaching Russia is to register with the internal ministry within 24-28 hours of your arrival. This will help to make your stay legal in the country Russia. The next important thing is to register at the local Indian embassy that will help you to resolve all the problems that you are or will be facing in the country Russia.

International Calling

Living far away from India will make you feel homesick and the student will always need to make some calls to India. So first of all the student needs to check that their current phone will work in Russia or not. The next thing is that they have to buy the sim that will allow you to get in touch with your family in India.

Are you prepared to be surprised, shocked and overwhelmed? Don’t worry as each of the student has to make some adjustments while pursuing MBBS in Russia in a new and unfamiliar environment. The best part is that eventually the students will like and appreciate all the changes around them.

Here are some of the Study Abroad Guide that the students will have to make while pursuing MBBS in Russia

Study Abroad Guide

Food and Language

After moving to a different country like Russia, everything from the food to the language appears quite different. The people that you meet in Russia are poles apart from you. But you have to adjust with the unique culture and the lifestyle of Russia. So it is very important for the students to be open-minded and they should try their best to extract as much information as possible from the society and the values that the people living in Russia pursue.

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The students have to make sure that they try to interact with the people and learn about their lifestyle. The people in Russia use the language Russian to communicate with each other. The Indian students need to learn their language so that they can easily communicate with the people of Russia.


The students need to settle in the ways of life that are being followed by the people living in Russia. They need to get used to their culture and the ways of their living. It will be quite easy for the students to adjust in Russia if the students learn their ways. Reading about the people and the culture of Russia is quite different from experiencing and witnessing the same.

The study abroad students need to keenly observe their lifestyle and the modes of the communication used by the people living in Russia as at the end the students need to get in touch with the people living in Russia.

A completely new place

While pursuing MBBS in Russia, the students will be quite unfamiliar to the place and will initially face many problems while commuting from one place to another. The modes of transport used in Russia are quite different from those of India.

The students need to make adjustments with this too. They need to get familiar with the iconic places, the landmarks and the local bazaars too. Travelling in Russia will also help the students to adjust and know more about the cultural changes of the country Russia.

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Work Culture

Earning while learning is the concept that is followed by the students in Russia. This concept is never used in a country like India. So the students who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia need to adapt to this culture. The students can work part-time so as to earn some extra pocket money for their expenses. These part-time jobs also help the study abroad students to get a work visa in Russia after pursuing MBBS in Russia.

It is quite obvious for the students to be stressed out sometimes after going to a completely new country. So at that moment of time, get in touch with your parents and friends. They will definitely help and guide you to come out of the problem. The students also feel relaxed after connecting to their family and friends.

As said by Pandit Jawarhar Lal Nehru “Culture is the widening of the mind and the spirit.” Pursuing MBBS in Russia will expend lots of opportunities for the students to excel in their career. The opportunity of living in Russia will help them to learn unity in diversity and will definitely aid them in evolving as the future global citizens.

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