8 Infertility Myths that Needs to Be Dispelled

The journey of facing infertility is quite challenging. But don’t lose your heart. You are not alone; there are many couples like you who are experiencing infertility problems. Moreover, numerous highly qualified infertility specialists can help you to get pregnant. You can visit the best IVF centre to turn your dream of being a parent into reality.

What’s not right?

Browsing the internet for a long time to learn magical ways to have a baby. The inability to cope with the stress of infertility can lead you down the wrong path. You can make wrong lifestyle choices on the advice of family and good friends. This world is full of infertility myths. Believing them can put you in big trouble.

Infertility Misconception

Some of the misconceptions related to poor fertility are following

Stress Makes You Infertile

Many couples think that anxiety is the major cause of infertility. However, in reality, it is not so. It is quite common to have stress after marriage because you have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities in the office and home. Yes, stress can hamper the partners to try to conceive, but it does not have a significant impact on your reproductive system.

So, it’s vital to understand that just relaxing will not improve your chances of conception. If you have been facing this problem for several years, it would be better to visit the best IVF centre or ISI hospital.

Infertility Myths

It’s Not Possible To Get Pregnant After 35

Most people think that females can’t conceive after the age of 35. Let me clarify that females ovulate limited eggs during their life journey, which started decreasing with age. The probability of getting pregnant indeed starts falling with age, but it doesn’t mean that women cannot conceive in their late 30’s.

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The women who want to be mothers after their 20’s can take advantage of the egg fertilization method. It ensures that you become pregnant in later years of life if you are currently busy with a career and financial responsibilities.

Everyday Intercourse Increase The Chances Of Getting Pregnant

No, having sex without missing a day is not the right solution to conception. The probability of getting pregnant is high during the ovulation period, not on the frequency of sexual intercourse. So, instead of doing sex every day, it would be better to make love with your partner a few days before ovulation occurs. It will help you to bear a child.

Birth Control Pills Do Not Reduce The Fertility

Some goofy women take too many birth control pills for unwanted pregnancy and think it will not affect their ability to fall pregnant. Wrong! Contraception causes hormonal imbalance and can badly affect your fertility. It’s okay to intake these pills once in a while. But overuse of birth control pills can have dangerous consequences on your health.

Getting Pregnant Second Time Is Easy

It is a common myth in the minds of many people. According to studies, about 3 MN couples in the United States who already have a child experience infertility issues while planning for a second baby.

Infertility Is Not Genetic

Around 7% of the world’s population is experiencing infertility issues, and about 50% of them face problems in conception due to genetic defects.

Smoke Do Not Affect Fertility

Smoking is harmful to health and affects the fertility of both men and women. It would be better to quit smoking if you want to become a parent.

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Smoking can increase the risk for heart disease, vascular, and lung disease. You also need to be aware that smoking can lead to infertility problems in both males and females. Pregnancy complication and erectile dysfunction rates can also be increased through smoking.

The Bottom Line

Infertility can occur due to various reasons. It would be best to visit the best IVF Center in Chandigarh to identify the actual cause.

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