The digital revolution has changed our way of life. We can access, share, and discuss any type of content within seconds through digital devices. If we talk about the education sector, elearning and education comes into mind. These both have been changed entirely with the passage of time. Let’s discuss this in detail.

The actual meaning of elearning and educational technology

Let’s analyze the definition, contrasts, and advantages of these two terms. Educational technology is based upon such technological gadgets that are used to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate teaching and learning materials to improve and advance the education management system.

Education technology such as school ERP is also used to manage the school information system and student registration system to digitize and improve the environment of schools for better education. Elearning is a process of learning through digital devices and the internet. On the other hand, it is a way to get an education beyond traditional classrooms.

Benefits of elearning and educational technology

There are a number of benefits of elearning and education technology some of them are as follows

Instant access

In this age of the internet. Anyone can search and research anything by means of the internet in seconds with few clicks. Through the internet, students can find out the exact learning material without wasting time. On the other hand, school information systems facilitate students. By providing students portals to get instant access to the learning materials.

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Both eLearning and Edu-tech are based on advanced technology. It allows the students to personalize the learning time and content according to their ease. It facilitates the students to get a lecture when they are free from their busy routine.


Through these technologies, educational institutes can introduce new policies, ideas, and training workshops to provide a better quality of education. Through school ERP software, they can also evaluate the performance of teachers and students.

Less costs

Advanced technologies such as eLearning tools and student information systems are facilitators. To reduce the expenses and enhance the productivity of the institute.

Student Engagement

Edu-tech and eLearning strengthen the interest of learners to learn more and more. Through these technologies, school management can arrange live polling, feedback reviews, to solve the problems of students in a more efficient way. Read also: Top 10 Online Education Statistics(Infographic).

Instant lecture delivery

In comparison with the old teaching methods, education delivery of these days is more quick and immediate. According to a recent report, 25% to 60% learning time of students has been saved. Through advance technology as compared to traditional classrooms. It also increases the performance of students. Because they give more time to their studies rather than wasting time traveling to schools.

Beneficial for teachers

At first, teachers should know how to use advanced technology gadgets for the best results. On the other hand, it is plus point teachers they can evaluate the performance and results of students digitally. It will save a lot of time for teachers. So they will be more concerned about teaching.

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Challenges to eLearning and Edu-tech

eLearning and Edu-tech

Now we discussed the advantages of advanced education, but there are also some challenges. Let’s talk about them.

Lack of teaching support

Learning without a teacher is a tough task. Most of the time, while learning from the internet, there is no teacher available to guide the students all the time. On the other hand, some students and teachers don’t have the proper training to use the technology.

Initial budget plan

Initially, any educational institute needs to integrate advanced technologies. Such as school information systems or school ERP software. So they need a proper budget to implement all of this that can be a burden upon the organization.

Inequality among students

Not all learners are equal economically to afford the advance technologies. They are also not equal intellectually, to learn everything without the continuous assistance of teachers. So, we can say it is a big barrier in front of the online learning system. In order to face all these challenges, authorities should rethink the structure of the online education management system.

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