You may have a company and are relatively new at establishing yourself online. If so, you may still be getting acquainted with your target audience. Even if you were the consumer you’re now to, there are more ways to connect with your audience.

Learning more about your target audience is vital if you want to succeed. What they reveal to you will give you the necessary information to make changes. Or, their responses may reiterate that what you’re doing works.

How well do you know your target audience? 

If you’re looking for ways to learn more about your audience, here are seven of them!

Learn About Your Audience in Advance

Don’t ever assume you know everything about your audience. Before marketing to anyone, make sure the demographics are accurate. Some tools can reveal more about your target audience, like American FactFinder. This site uses census information to show critical information about relevant demographics.

Learn About Your Target Audience Fast

Google Analytics is another way to learn more about your customers. Using Google Analytics, you’ll get the scoop on particular insights, such as gender, age, and location. They even have a graph to help you learn more about your target audience visually.

Your market audience may differ from what you initially thought based on the tools. So, learning more about your current audience through various demographics is essential.

Monitor Keywords and Hashtags

Social listening is a powerful way to clue who your target audience is. A few ways to use social listening is by tracking keywords and hashtags. So, when your followers’ post, observe which hashtags they use. Seeing their hashtags will help you gather further intel on your audience.

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It’s the same way with monitoring keywords. As you look for keywords that support your brand, you may discover more about your audience that way too. Specific keywords and hashtags may lead to you discovering a brand new audience.

For example, you may have thought that your shampoo targeted women. But based on what you see on , it turns out many men are using it as well! Keeping track of your audience will make it so you can do further testing in the future. Using the same hashtags and keywords, see if new customers find you. If they do, that’ll confirm that you’re on the right track.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Competitors who share your target audience can teach you a lot. Observing their behaviours and how they communicate reveals how people respond. Based on their response or lack thereof, you may generate some ideas of your own.

Keep an eye on the type of voice they use and the strategies they implement. You don’t want to copy how they do things. But watching to see how a well-established brand succeeds should inspire you. Plus, it should guide you as you continue to improve your company.

Monitor How Your Audience Responses

As you post new content on social media and your site, keep an eye on how your target audience responds. Besides social media, there are other ways to observe their behaviour.

For example, asking for their feedback via surveys and forms can also help you learn more about them. Through a survey, you can find out whether they liked a product. You can also ask what they did or didn’t like about the product.

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Their responses are invaluable as you seek to enhance your . As you watch your target audience’s actions, you’ll learn more about their habits over time. Their actions will show you what they do and don’t like. Then, based on their responses, you can apply changes to your company.

Create Relationships with Your Clients

Using social media, you can continue to get to know your customers. As you interact with them, you’ll learn their likes and dislikes. To reveal what they think about your products, though, you must be authentic.

For example, make sure whoever responds to comments from your company identifies themselves. That way, as they converse online, customers who know who they’re chatting with.

Staying honest and conversational is a fantastic way to connect with your target audience. As you form relationships, they’ll likely be willing to offer advice on how you can improve your services. Or, they may let you know about another audience that may be interested in your company.

Figure Out What They Want to See & Buy

When on social media, it’s the perfect time to find out what your audience likes seeing the most. What you’re offering should make their lives easier and more enjoyable. In other words, your services should provide a solution to a problem they have!

As you push out new pieces of content and services, always keep your audience in the back of your mind. You are offering the solution to their problems. So, if you’re selling coaching services, you want to help your clients become healthier. Concentrate on what people are doing wrong and how your services can solve that problem.

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Experiment with New Products

A little bit of experimenting can be a good thing! You may have been thinking about trying a new product or service. But, then, launching a new service or product is another way to learn more about your target audience. Based on their response, you will learn whether they like or dislike it.

Even if people aren’t interested right away, though, doesn’t mean it can’t work. Instead, it may simply mean you need to make some changes. Certain products and services take some tweaking, and that’s okay. As mentioned, that’s where surveys come in handy. Knowing what your audience thinks and feels will point you in the right direction.


Just when you think you know your audience, things may change once again. So, it’s wise to stay on top of your toes and remember that things constantly evolve. As you watch your industry, think of ways to connect with your audience. Offering services and products that coincide with what they want as a consumer is vital to your success.

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