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7 Tech Gadgets Parents want and don’t Recognize

Drones, game consoles, mobile phones! parents, like anyone else, like these technological devices despite not admitting it. Surely when that time comes to give him a gift for his birthday, for Father’s Day or just because you feel like it, you don’t know that he may like it. Don’t worry, because we offer you a series of tech gadgets that every parent, and person in general, would like. These are various devices, each focused on something different according to the tastes and hobbies of each person. Not everything is going to be tied. You may even want them for yourself.

Drone 720P RYZE by DJI Tello White

Drones are in fashion. As with everything, there are more advanced models and more basic models. This we present to you, the 720p Ryze by DJI Tello drone, is an ideal model for those who want to try or start flying these tech gadgets. The drone contains a camera to film the places to explore, to record spectacular shots, or any other creative idea.

Tech Gadgets

The shape and the fact that it is so small makes it a drone with which you can perform aerial tricks and complete use through your Smartphone. It has a camera that can stream 720p video and capture 5-megapixel photos during the flight. Its battery lasts approx. The 13-minute flight which will allow you to make beautiful shots of places or landscapes. You may also like: Best cool apps to use during quarantine

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Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo is possibly the best developer of video games and consoles. In 2017, he launched Nintendo Switch, a console designed for children, young and old, that stands out for its hybrid facet. You can play with these tech gadgets connected to a television or in portable mode as if it were a tablet and use it in bed or on train or aeroplane trips, for example.

The console has one of the best games of this generation, such as Mario Kart 8. Nintendo conquers not only the youngest but also the oldest because of how spectacular and challenging they are. Its video game catalogue is extensive and booming. With titles to play with the family like the Nintendo Labo to create video games between parents and children, as well as other more adult works to play alone. A console to discover the art of video games and enjoy at any age

Kindle Paperwhite eReader Tech Gadgets

More and more fans of reading are turning to electronic books. These allow you to save space, take all the books you want anywhere, and are very comfortable and practical when reading. The quintessential model that does this is Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

This bestseller has a 6-inch screen with 300 pixels per inch for perfect glare-free reading. Its storage capacity is 4 GB, which allows you to have a large digital library. The tech gadgets battery can last up to 6 weeks without having to charge it more than once a month, and it has wifi included to use it as a Tablet. There will be no reader who will receive this gift for Father’s Day in disgust.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Mobile

High-end smartphones are the crème de la crème of mobile telephony. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest Smartphone launched by the Korean company. It combines all the tech gadgets features that can be asked of a phone in this category: high-quality camera with triple rear camera and 10 Mpx on the front, 8 GB of RAM with it is the most powerful processors on the market for maximum performance, between 64 and 256 GB of storage and a 3,400 mAh battery to use the phone all day. A terminal to go to the latest in mobile telephone

Go Pro Hero8 Camera

What better than a GoPro camera to record videos and take photos at any time, even when playing sports? Whether riding a bike, skiing or riding a motorcycle, GoPro cameras tech gadgets allow you to shoot images at full speed and make some of the most spectacular videos.

Tech Gadgets

It can also be used as a normal camera and used to take pictures on trips, excursions, or day today. The GoPro Hero 8 model takes 4K videos, photographs at 12 Mpx resolution, is submersible in water up to 10 meters without a housing, has a touch screen, and can even be controlled by voice. A contemporary camera for modern parents.

Beats Sports Headphones

Whether for listening to music daily or when playing sports, the BeatsX is the ergonomic, wireless headphones that anyone needs to do it comfortably. The Flex-form cable tech gadgets that allow you to easily carry the headphones in your pocket. They work with the Bluetooth 4.1 system that guarantees great audio quality, and with 8 hours of autonomy, you can enjoy music wherever you go.

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Fitbit Inspire HR Black Watch

Tech and sports-loving parents can enjoy both worlds with a smart sports watch like the Fitbit Inspire HR. It is considered one of the best on the market for its low price and the high performance it offers.

When exercising, the tech gadgets measure the pulsations, the calories burned, receives notifications from the phone, monitors the different phases of sleep, its battery lasts up to five days, and it also has an elegant and formal design to use daily. Do you want your father to continue playing sports or to get fit? Give him one of the best smartwatches on the market, and his physical activity will improve.

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