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7 Reasons Why Laminate Flooring is Perfect for Your Home

Have you been thinking about changing the flooring of your home recently? Or, perhaps you have recently bought a new house and want to start from the basics? It might even be that you are selling your house and thinking of renovating using a laminate flooring before listing it. Whatever it is, you probably need to see different options and make the right choice regarding what type of flooring you want to use. If that’s the case, take a look at one of the most popular options -the laminate flooring.

Here are seven reasons why it is a perfect choice

It Is Long-Lasting

The most important feature of a flooring type is to be durable. Well, laminate flooring is the right choice when it comes to durability. The structure composition of the laminate is thin, transparent which is very strong and resistant to scratches. It is made from very dense fibres and it has a “bounce” quality that makes things bounce off it. For example, if you drop a glass bottle on the laminate flooring, it won’t break. If you drop it on another type of flooring, say ceramic, it will certainly break.

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It is Easily Maintainable

Laminate flooring is easily cleaned and maintained. It is smooth and there are no seams that can accumulate debris. You can clean it up with a damp cloth in just a few minutes. Talk about fast cleaning before having guests, right?

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You Can Install It Alone

Not only is it easy to clean, but also it is easy to instal by yourself. It is thin and flexible and you can finish the job without any complications. However, the surface you are going to install must be smooth and without any imperfections.

You Can Disassemble It Easily

Another easy thing to be done with the laminate flooring – it disassembles easily. You can replace it quickly as it is a floating type of flooring. It is not attached to the subsurface and therefore no scraping of mortar or adhesive should be done. It is disassembled plain simply by taking out the parts.

Different Looks and Styles to Choose from

Even though in the past there were not many options to choose from if you wanted laminate flooring – today, it is quite the opposite. There are many different products with different surface texture and the visual appeal is increased 100%.

Today people can choose from more species including oak, maple, birch, cherry, teak and mahogany. And what is more, these can be found as aged, antiqued or hand-scraped. Furthermore, more sizes are now available apart from the traditional 3.5’’. Today, you can buy planks in widths up to 7 ¾ ‘’.

It Doesn’t Cost Too Much

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it looks like wood flooring but it doesn’t cost as much. It is quite affordable and using it in hallways and every room will help you save money for other materials if you are renovating.

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It Is Hypoallergenic

For those that are suffering from allergies from dust, the laminate flooring is an excellent choice. As there are no seams where dust can set, there will be no dust on the floor in the rooms. Aso, there is a moisture barrier between the subsurface and the laminate flooring that protects from damage as well as from mould and sporing.

To Sum Up

The laminate flooring is a versatile type of flooring which can make your house much better looking. That is why many virtual stagers use laminate flooring on the digital photos they are working on. The visual appeal is excellent and attracts potential buyers. So, if you are thinking about choosing to the floor or ordering virtual home staging, don’t hesitate to choose the laminate flooring. All the choices will certainly satisfy your taste and you’ll end up with a fantastic result that will last a lifetime.

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