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7 Cool Technological Innovations for Command Centers

Command centers are critical areas for many industries. They provide a centralized space that’s normally the nerve center of a business. They’re used within the information technology (IT), first responder, and hospital sectors, among others. To be effective, these command centers must have the latest technological innovations.

Without these technological innovations, command centers run the risk of missing important information. This is why center managers should be in the loop to discover the latest products.

As an example, here are 7 technological innovations for command centers

Ergonomic Furniture

A command center doesn’t work when the people that operate it are uncomfortable. This has been the case for years. Rough chairs mismatched with desks that are too low or high result in a lack of concentration and frequent movement.

Cool Technological Innovation

A technological innovation to minimize these issues is ergonomic technology furniture. Companies like Constant Tech fit command centers with comfortable and strong chairs and desks that alternate as both sitting and standing. For some command centers, these organizations measure employees to discover their proper ergonomics.

Remote Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic taught is an important item. Our technology has to be mobile and ready at a moment’s notice. This is why remote monitoring has come into play as a recent innovation.

Wearable monitors for hospital staff allow them to track a patient’s vitals without getting near. The internet of things (IoT) has provided other command center employees with the power to receive alerts via mobile device applications.

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Business Intelligent Dashboards

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not the same. The former requires initial programming that the system follows. On the other hand, in an ML environment, the devices continue to learn from what they do.

This is the concept behind business intelligent dashboards. With ML engaged it hones in on inefficiencies that result in productivity or security issues. From this data, command center personnel have the power to be proactive in resolving these issues.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Applications utilized to generate trouble tickets aren’t new. However, merging them within a comprehensive client service package is something that has come about over the last few years. The result is customer relationship management (CRM) software.

This goes beyond a ticket generated by a command center representative. Now, customers have the power to generate issue alerts that are fed to various entities depending on their severity. On top of tracking their progress, command center representatives can use the CRM to see if the issue is ongoing so they can find a final solution.

100% Computer-Based Monitoring

Previously, technology wasn’t fully integrated within a command center. Operators had computers; however, much of what they did couldn’t be immediately reported to the rest of the team. It was far from the design of NASA’s command center seen in Apollo 13.

This isn’t the case today. Most command centers are now 100% computer-based. Everything is routed through an internal network for immediate response. Alerts are triggered across all monitors, including the giant video boards. This allows for immediate responses.

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Concept of Operations

Though not true technological innovation, the concept of operations (CONOPS) determines what is displayed, who views it, and how it’s controlled. It reviews the placement of the displays in terms of sightlines. CONOPS also looks at the power and cooling needs to run large video walls. With a plan in place, command centers face fewer disruptions.

Cloud Computing

Previously, data servers were housed within a command center. Think of the mainframe room that overlooked the NORAD personnel in War Games. Years later, these devices were moved to a separate location. Now, much of a command center’s data is within the Cloud environment.

This provides several advantages. One of these goes back to remote monitoring. When the data is based in the cloud, then it’s retrievable from many locations. That is, as long as the proper security is implemented.

These 7 cool technological innovations for command centers have taken operations to the next level in the 21st century. Gone are clunky consoles and huge mainframes. Today’s centers are sleek representations of powerful troubleshooting areas.

Needless to say, implementing these technological innovations isn’t something done on the fly. Serious consideration is needed to find the right tools for your employees and customers.

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