7 Best Work from Home Jobs for Nurses

Work from home jobs for nurses are remote work that has gained traction during the pandemic, and patients and healthcare providers embraced the convenience and accessibility of these jobs. The work from home jobs for nurses often involves the provision of telehealth services, such as scheduling appointments, providing referrals, and consulting with and advising patients through phone and video calls.

Work from Home Jobs for Nurses

Let’s be honest; healthcare workers such as nurses are always on the front lines to battle crises of every size imaginable. That’s why we see them as some of the most respected out there. That’s not all nurses can do. Becoming a can offer you excellent flexibility in the positions you hold in the community.

Nurses can also work from home and achieve a better work-life balance

Online Nursing Instructor

Working in education to prepare the next generation of nurses is a job that a lot of nurses find rewarding. There are several good options here depending on your background.

For example, a nurse who has achieved a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) and/or higher learning beyond that could become an instructor who offers nursing programs on a virtual platform. This work from home job involves checking out schools in your area to see if there are openings for online nursing educators.

Freelance Nurse Writer

If you’re pretty good at putting pen to paper, then a career as a freelance nurse writer could be an interesting area to pursue. You can do this work from home job remotely, and all you need is a computer in fine working condition and access to the internet.

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There are plenty of topics regarding the health field that is needed online and that only an experienced nurse would understand and be able to break down into readable components.

A nurse entrepreneur is another dream job to consider and an excellent way to launch a business. In this regard, you would be teaching a webinar, for example, that helps nurses become skilled content writers.

Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are a registered nurse and interested in making a difference in the legal field, then a legal nurse consultant is a rewarding job you can do from home. This career requires someone who is a fine listener and communicator and can work in a variety of settings, including law offices, insurance companies, government agencies, and hospitals.

Your expertise as a nurse allows you to consult on -related legal cases. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) is a not-for-profit membership organization.

Research Nurse

If you are a nurse who enjoys science and has a background in clinical research and in collecting and analyzing data, you may be thinking about becoming a research nurse. This is usually a solo position and one that is done from home.

There is a variety of roles this position can entail. Some of these would be to observe patient care of or procedures, report findings of the research, write grant applications to secure funding for studies, write articles in nursing or medical professional journals, etc.

Health Coach

Just about every person on the planet could benefit from having a coach and not solely for sports. A health coach is a job where you, as a nurse, advocate for the well-being of your patients.

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It’s another great position where you can work from home and reach out to your clients and empower them to lead a better . As a health coach, you would not be performing clinical work or prescribing, diagnosing, or treating any specific condition.

Remote Care Manager

Telehealth technology has developed into a very useful tool for the delivery of care in the home. To become a remote care manager, you generally need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, an active RN license, and some related clinical experience.

This work from home job for nurses involves covering a range of interests, including connecting providers, payers, caregivers, and consumers and bringing the care continuum to the home.

Nurse Recruiter

Here’s an important job for one with a nurse’s background. A nurse recruiter helps healthcare companies to fill openings to ensure that a private or public healthcare facility is thriving. Some of these roles would include advertising job openings, attending job fairs, and organizing in-house recruitment programs.

In today’s modern world, nurses can do almost anything, and many important jobs can be performed from home. Study our list, and then, take your experience and skills to another level in the amazing nursing industry.

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