So, you’re all set to take up the PTE exam or IELTS exam and conquer the native-speaking world? Well, congrats for making a wise choice as both IELTS and PTE exams will open the doors of endless opportunities. But, you’ll be able to relish over the perks of these exams only if you spun and come out as a winner.

These two exams are tricky and assess four key expertise, speaking, reading, writing, and writing, of the candidates. As an aspirant, one needs to be a bit more vigilant about the IELTS and PTE exams. We have come up with a list of top things to keep in mind before taking up these two exams.

Pay attention to them, implement them, and stamp success on your attempt.

Understand that these exams are not about English proficiency only

We know IELTS and PTE exams are about English proficiency. But, it’s on the surface. At a deeper level, it’s about vocabulary, spellings, understanding the context, and speaking English confidently in the public sphere. And all these things are assessed in the exam.

PTE Exams

So, if you think that you have studied English in school and is being used in real life then think again. It’s more than this. Both the exams are strategically designed and need more than usual English expertise.

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Assess the current hold over English from the exam point of you

Now that it’s clear that IELTS and PTE exams don’t involve regular English, it’s time to find out your standing. Figure out how strong are you to deal with the exam ecosystem. The best way to make this happen is using the practice tests. Find out reliable and free IELTS and PTE practice tests, featuring real-time questions, and attempt them.

Doing so will help a candidate to overcome unrealistic expectations and face the reality. Most of the candidates make the mistake to consider these exams as any normal MCQ exam and book them without pondering over the complexity involved. This leads to failure.

Attempting IELTS and PTE practice beforehand and during the preparation, the journey is useful in many ways. For instance, candidates get familiar with the format, can find out the strong and weak areas, and contrive remedial solutions instantly. They are a powerful tool to ensure success in these exams.

Learn the art of time management

Not many of the test-takers understand this, but time management is a key aspect. If you’re not able to manage the time properly, you will end up leaving some questions. So, while you work upon your skills, don’t forget to learn the time management expertise. Using online free IELTS mock test and PTE practice test will help you at this front as well.

The practice tests let the future examinee work in a simulated environment. The exam questions and time distribution is like the actual exam. If you’re using PTE or IELTS practice software then the practice exam will be over automatically once the time is over. Such sort of practice will help you maintain the time balance and improve final performance.

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Schedule the exam wisely

We know you must be in hurry to pass these exams and start your success journey. But, hold your thoughts for a second. Don’t make the mistake to schedule your exam within a week. Give yourself some time and work upon the weaknesses and then take up the exam.

You can postpone the IELTS exam without any fee 5 weeks before the final date. If you think you’re not ready, don’t hesitate to postpone it. It’s better to wait for a while rather than wasting your money and efforts attempting the exam in hurry burry.

Not everything is about accent

As both these exams assess a candidate’s English proficiency as per the native ecosystem, it’s obvious to think that accent will be a major criterion. Many aspirants end up wasting time copying and building accents. To your knowledge, it’s a sheer wastage of time.

IELTS and PTE examiners don’t pay attention to the accent of the candidate. They look for accuracy in sentences, your hold over grammar, and vocabulary knowledge. They weren’t 100% accurate English both at writing and speaking front. They don’t want you to speak like a native. They want you to speak English correctly. So, put your focus on that.

There is no place for ornamental English in PTE exams and IELTS exams

While you’re planning to attempt the IELTS and PTE exams, keeps a safe distance from casual and fancy English. It’s all about formal and academic English. In the writing section, make sure that jargon and nonchalant words are not used. This will keep the score low.

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Ending Notes

It’s great that you have decided to take up PTE exams or IELTS exams and get proof of improved English proficiency. While you have this thought in mind, don’t forget to get familiar with the exam format, analyze your standing, use practice tests, learn time management, and focus on what’s important. If you have managed to do so, nothing can stop you from winning.

If you are an organization that helps various students to pass this test through coaching or as a part of your academic responsibility in the college, it is better to use IELTS practice software for an institute, in order to prevent mistakes and increase practice for your student.

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