6 Popular Career Choices in the Commerce Industry

Conducting the business in a multicultural environment by spanning international borders and working cross-culturally is the long term goal of all the business establishments. This career choice can be achieved by gaining a broad foundation of knowledge in contemporary business and its practices. With the flourishing trade and commerce in this growing economy, the commerce subject is an in-demand field with a number of lucrative career options.

The scope of commerce industries includes the role played by trade and trading aids, banks and insurance companies; transport and advertising agencies which have contributed to a large extent for widening the scope of the commerce industry.

Read on to know more about the popular career choices in the commerce industry

6 Popular Career Choices in the Commerce Industry

eCommerce Consultants

The professionals in this domain develop an online marketing strategy in collaboration with the IT department to establish site analytics. They supervise e-commerce marketing teams and create graphs to track product sales and monitor the development of tailored marketing campaigns.

The eCommerce consultants research and identify the potential affiliates to formulate the ways to optimize user experience is a part of their job. They maintain contact with the IT department to ensure the system security and knowledge of best practices in marketing to create strategic plans.


A career as an accountant is also an interesting option for many graduates. Accountants analyse and research the accounting data to provide financial information and prepare reports to maintain financial security by following internal controls.

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They compile liability, asset, and capital account entries by analysing the account information and document the financial transactions by compiling account information.

Customer Relations Managers

The role of a customer relations manager is to maintain profitable relationships with its key customers by resolving their complaints efficiently and quickly. They oversee the relationship with customers by keeping them updated on the latest products in order to increase sales and expand the customer base by up and cross-selling.

Conducting business reviews using CRM programs to understand the key customer individual needs and to address them in a timely manner. The customer relations managers maintain good relationships with clients so that the business can maximize the value of those relationships.

eCommerce Trade Analysts

eCommerce analysts collaborate with the IT department to evaluate the accomplishments of an organization’s online presence. They report changes by analyzing customer reviews, online sales, and rankings to make well-informed advertising decisions.

They also track a company’s advertising campaign results, search engine ranking, web analytics, and branding across a website. The qualifications for this commerce industry career includes a degree in marketing, business, advertising and other relayed fields.

Logistics Managers

Logistics managers are involved in planning and managing transportation, logistics, customer services, and warehouses to check whether they comply with the laws and regulations. They maintain metrics to analyse the data and evaluate performance to implement the strategic mechanisms for improvements.

They liaise with fraud detection managers and negotiate with manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and consumers to meet productivity, cost, timeliness targets, and accuracy.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst analyses the financial data to prepare reports on the above and communicate the insights to the management for exploring various investment opportunities. They develop financial models, initiatives, and policies to provide a financial forecast that may improve financial growth.

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They evaluate the financial performance to identify the trends by consulting the management team to develop long-term commercial plans. With a degree in commerce, you can improve your foundational knowledge in various areas of commerce and finance that can be useful to pursue a career in this domain. So, if you are eager to start a career in commerce stream, then enrol yourself now.

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6 Popular Career Choices in the Commerce Industry

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