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5 Ways to Promote Amazon Associate Program for High Profits

There are lots you can gain from the Amazon Associate Program if you know the right tools will be the most effective in gaining you more commissions. After you have found a good track to follow, you will see that earning good commissions on a consistent basis is not really that hard.

The Amazon Associate Program can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site today. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission it is that simple.

Amazon Associate Program is a great way to make money from home. But it takes more than starting a website or blog and posting a few Amazon affiliate links. It takes knowing a market’s needs, providing information and resources to meet those needs, and then helping the market find your solutions.

You need to Sell More to Move Up

The Amazon Associate program involve a lot more than simply promoting a product now and then; to earn real money you need to work consistently on increasing the amount of products that you sell so that you can reach the higher tiers of Amazon.

You earn higher commission percentages when you sell higher volumes of products; this is the way the program was set up. Simply put, selling more products earns more both through the number of sales and the higher percentage you get of each sale.

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One practice that works very well is choosing niches with less competition where the items that are sold aren’t that expensive. The primary reason that you choose one of these niches is that it is a lot easier to sell a high volume of products within them so they deserve most of your attention. This is a hassle-free way to get to the higher percentage tiers which helps you earn even more money through the program.

Give Product Comparisons

Most people who buy products on Amazon search through lots of options before making a final decision; creating a comparison chart for all of the products that you are targeting within your market is a great way to help your potential buyers sort through all of the information easily. And since this really helps your readers you stand to make even more sales than you would if you had just sold to them directly or through an advertisement.

If WordPress is your content management system, you will find that this particular task is pretty clear cut; WordPress has a variety of available plug-ins that help with the creation of tables. Build several columns that prominently feature the important information and offers a way for readers to “buy now” so that they buy the product they choose from you and guarantee that you will earn your commission.

Get more traffic to your Amazon Associate Program

The most important rule, if you want to make money through the Amazon Associate’s Program, is to get your visitors into the Amazon system and let them take it from there. The real reason to do this is that the people who go to Amazon through your link might actually buy something.

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Amazon does a great job at selling since they spend millions of dollars each year to improve their conversion rates and get more and more people to buy from them. If you haven’t ever worked as an Amazon associate before, it’s time to start. It’s easy to stand out from your competitors and leave your mark on the net if you work hard to be different and create a selling point that is just your own.

Ways to Promote your Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associate Program

Merging the Amazon Offers to Your Existing Business

You can easily promote your Amazon products as part of your existing business offerings to create an additional income stream. Whether you sell a product or service, chances are there are products and services your customers and clients can benefit from on Amazon. For example, if you are a business coach that has found increased productivity with a Bullet Journal, you can promote dotted-page notebooks.

Through YouTube Videos

You can offer much of the same types of content on video as you do on a blog, such as reviews. The advantage of video for generating income is that you can give tutorials, tours, and other visual content that better help potential buyers decide whether to buy the items or not.

Using Blog

Blogging is probably the most common way affiliates make money with the Amazon Associates program. Some bloggers have a general topic site and use a variety of affiliate programs and other monetization options. Other bloggers have a niche site, zeroing in on select products that the site covers. Either way, making money with Amazon Associates on a blog can be done by:

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Social Media Promotion

You can use social media to share your blog content with affiliate links, or you can directly share your affiliate links. Note, that you should give an indication that the link is an affiliate link when you post to be transparent and not annoy your followers. People don’t want to be sold to all the time, so posting affiliate links should be interspersed with non-affiliate and non-sales posts.

Creating a Lead Magnet and Email

Many successful affiliate marketers have a basic two-page website and an email marketing system that does their affiliate promotions on autopilot to make passive income. One page is a landing page that promotes a lead magnet to entice people to subscribe to the email. Once subscribed, the visitor is sent to the second page, which often has information about an affiliate product.

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