5 Best Steps Wikipedia Page Editor Use to Create Wiki Page

Digital marketing has been one of the most influential ways of engaging target audiences. And since the widespread use of digital marketing by business organizations and brands across the globe, there have been many new strategies brought to light by Wikipedia page editor to help in creating strong bonds between the business organization and its target audience. One of the ways that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing is known as content marketing.

Content marketing is basically where business organizations or marketers create valuable content for their target audience and use it as a base for attracting audiences. Content marketing has been one of the most commonly used tools which have been used by business organizations to create a powerful brand image by many big brands and business organizations. One such way that also falls under content marketing is marketing through wiki pages.

What most companies do is, they hire a professional Wikipedia page editor or creator to either create a Wikipedia page for their brand or edit the information given on their existing wiki pages. Now, Wikipedia is originally a platform that was founded to provide trustworthy and credible information & knowledge to people across the whole world without any charges. And over time Wikipedia has turned into a platform that has one of the highest numbers of visitors in the world.

Business organizations see this as an opportunity and use this platform as a means to create awareness about themselves and their products. It is not a platform where business organizations can use content to directly advertise but it is a platform where a more indirect and passive form of advertising strategy is used due to the fact that Wikipedia does not allow promotional content.

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Creating content like that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Beginners usually have trouble creating content or writing for a Wikipedia page as writing for this platform requires considerable skill and a strong grip on facts as well as the language.

There are 5 steps that most top Wikipedia page editor uses to create wiki pages that make the page creation process relatively less arduous

5 Best Steps Wikipedia Page Editor Use to Create Wiki Page

Picking your topic

The first step requires you to pick a relevant and appropriate topic. By relevant it is meant that you need to pick a topic or title that has not already been covered on Wikipedia because a topic/title that is already covered on Wikipedia cannot have two pages. So, if your chosen page title already exist you can only make edits on that page and not create another page. Secondly, you need to find a topic that is notable and matches the notability criteria pf the platform.

Account creation

After you are done with the topic you are then required to create an account on Wikipedia. Now, creating an account on Wikipedia is not like signing up for any other website. It is a long and tiresome process and even though you can edit and write pages with having an account it is highly advisable to create an account before you write for the platform so that you can create a certain reputation for yourself.

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Note: You can perform the first two steps in any order.

Gather Information

This is one of the most crucial steps in creating a Wikipedia page. You not only need to be a good writer but also need to be a great researcher in order to create a page on this platform. It is best to dig into all the detail you can find and most of all your collected information should be reliable and should come from authentic sources. It is always good to have and provide references to authenticate the information you are providing on the page.

Content creation

In this step, a Wikipedia page editor need to write the content according to the guidelines defined by Wikipedia for writing on the platform. Straying from these writing policies and guidelines can lead you to create content that will get rejected. Also, make sure to be unbiased when delivering facts as wiki pages should be free from any kind of biases and should have neutral content.


After the content creation, you simply need to check your work closely for any errors before you submit for the Wikipedia’s official review process that every page goes through and gets uploaded to become an official part of the platform.

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5 Best Steps Wikipedia Page Editor Use to Create Wiki Page
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