5 Skills Needed for Blockchain Architect to be Certified

With blockchain having dominated the last decade of tech news and trends, it’s high time that the world witnesses its potential. Many blockchain-related roles, such as a certified blockchain architect, could pave an exceptional career path for people in IT. The role of a blockchain solutions architect is easily the most crucial one in the modern technology landscape.

Solutions architects could help in specifying the configuration of designs for blockchain-based solutions according to client requirements. They can also optimize the design for efficient use of resources while achieving the desired levels of productivity.

Blockchain Architect

However, the journey to achieve a blockchain architect certification is not an easy one. Blockchain solutions architect certification can help you earn promising job roles. Learn about the important skills you need to become a blockchain architect.

Passing through the Competition

The job of a certified blockchain architect is one of the most sought-after alternatives in the blockchain labour market. LinkedIn has constantly presented staggering numbers for the growth of job postings for blockchain developers.

Therefore, it is quite clear that candidates have to deal with profound levels of competition when they appear for a blockchain solutions architect certification. Well, you can find helpful sources such as 101 Blockchains to access flexible blockchain architect certification, i.e., CEBA.

However, there are many important skills you have to master to become a certified blockchain solutions architect. Here are some of the notable skills that you would need to become a blockchain solutions architect.

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Networking and Distributed Systems

One of the foremost highlights of blockchain is that it serves as a distributed digital ledger. Therefore, any aspiring blockchain architect would have to develop promising knowledge regarding the working of distributed ledgers.

Candidates should have promising awareness of the working of peer-to-peer networks. The networking expertise of candidates should include foundational knowledge regarding computer networks, including network topologies as well as routing.

A certified blockchain architect must understand that processing power for blockchain applications comes from connected systems. Therefore, candidates must know about consensus mechanisms that can ensure seamless documentation and exchange of information among the connected devices. The good news for beginners is that you don’t have to learn about everything related to distributed systems.

Data Structures

The importance of data structures in the learning journey of a certified blockchain solutions architect is quite explicitly evident. Data structures are highly crucial requirements for learning about the complex nature of blockchain.

The working of data structures could help in understanding how blockchain stores data in the form of blocks. Some of the notable concepts related to data structures that you should learn to include search trees, linked lists, hash maps, and many others.

Candidates appearing for the blockchain solutions architect certifications should learn about developing data structures from scratch. Therefore, it is critical to developing an understanding of programming languages such as Java, C++, Java, and C #, Scala, C, and Java. The recommended suggestions point to a repository on GitHub for necessary knowledge regarding data structures and algorithms.

Decentralized Application Platforms

When you are trying to become a certified blockchain architect, you need to learn about the platforms on which you can build blockchain solutions. Candidates should learn about all the common platforms utilized for building decentralized applications on the blockchain.

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The different platforms used for creating decentralized applications include Hyperledger, Ethereum, NEO, and EOS. Hyperledger can enable easier support for developing cross-industry blockchain applications.

Ethereum has become the go-to standard for developing blockchain-based applications, especially the ones with smart contract functionalities. NEO is a suitable platform for beginners to leverage different languages to develop blockchain-based solutions. EOS blockchain aims to provide a decentralized OS for supporting industrial-level applications.

Smart Contracts

The job of a certified blockchain solutions architect also involves the design of smart contracts. Smart contracts are basically programs running on blockchain on the grounds of specific triggers. The automatic and impartial enforcement of smart contracts ensures promising advantages over conventional judicial systems.

At the same time, the increasing complexity of smart contracts is also creating issues in the security of blockchain-based applications. Therefore, you need to learn all the possibilities in the execution of smart contracts, with many developers failing in proper optimization and audit of smart contracts.

Business Orientation

The final and most important skill that you need to become a certified blockchain architect refers to business orientation. Businesses want to derive value from blockchain, and you should convince them of your ability to contribute desired value. As a certified solutions architect, you must have the expertise to turn client specifications into aptly tailored blockchain solutions that can support business objectives.

Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it is clearly evident that becoming a certified blockchain solutions architect is not easier. You have to earn many skills before you become a qualified blockchain solutions architect. The blockchain solutions architect certification by 101 Blockchains, i.e., CEBA certification, is a promising option for you to earn credentials.

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However, you need to be careful about the skill requirements for ensuring your success. Start with a basic impression of the skills recommended for blockchain solutions architect certification objectives. Gradually, candidates can use the support from industry experts for their training to ensure successful results. You could become a blockchain solutions architect if you start your preparations with commitment right now!

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