5 Sites to look out for free Logo Design Inspiration

Are you looking for a new logo but can’t decide where to start? It’s often a hurdle that even creative professionals at top logo design services face. But it’s their daily job. So what do they do? They look out for inspiration to lighten up the creative side of their brain. It’s a practice that opens up your mind and enables you to see other designers’ perspective.

Consistent progress is religiously required by logo design service providers to survive in the industry, they need to innovate creative designs to attract the audience to businesses. If you are looking for some design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, you are in for a treat.

Here’s a list of top 5 websites to look out for logo design inspiration


Possibly one of the best places to search for when looking to instantly charge up your creative mind. Awwwards curates the best design spread across the Web World Web and specializes in it. The website aims to dig deep down in the sea of the internet to showcase and promote talented and effortful web designers, developers and firms who create innovative and gorgeous designs.

The website primarily focuses on website designs, but it has a blog that is an excellent place to find inspiration for every creative artist who is starting or even professionals such as logo design service providers.

Logo Design

Logo of the day

This website is known for its huge collection of logos. Exploring the site you will hit a large number of logos to inspire you for your logo design project. Apart from that, the site is also a great tool to stay up to date on the latest trends in logo designing services.

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The logo design site provides knowledge of the colours, fonts, and other major elements to help you stay aware of what professional design services and the industry are using in their designs. The site can be a great tool for when your creative mind is a little lazy And can give you an array of ideas with its huge database of logos.


Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration having a massive gallery of logos that can fire up your creativity like dry logs with petrol on it. The variety of inspiration you can muster for your next logo design is boundless. Just a search for modern logos can open up a library of pins to inspire your next logo design work. Browse through the site to open up your creative mind, and make something brilliant


The site is focused on logo designers and has a clever tag line that speaks for itself: “Identity inspiration”. The site caters a plethora of logos that can spark your creativity, categorized on-site as; featured galleries, most popular, featured artists, with a page for the entire collection of logos. Every logo has a dedicated page having a bigger version of the logo (300 pixels), comments, ratings, views, and its last modification date.

The site has a nice UI, which easily adaptable. The website loads quickly, with high-quality images. What’s great about Logopond, as compared to other logo gallery sites, is that you can interact with it. Features like forums, resources, articles, are some of the ways, where you can post and comment. Other than a great inspiration tool, Logopond works as a social network and an online portfolio tool, all at once.

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In the end, Instagram is where digital artists share their best work. Of course, there are a lot of accounts with great works, but just to make you aware of Instagram, a good place to look out for inspiration, here are some of the top Instagram accounts which can be a great source of inspiration when running out of ideas. These Instagrammers are also at the top of their game, that even top logo design services turn to, at times.


Logoimport is a famous Instagram account that highlights quality logos and sketches. With nearly 1.4 million impressions per week, you can’t go past your design inspiration feed without @logoimport posts. The account attracts opinions, comments from logo design service professionals about typography, colours and other aspects of logo design.


In the hunt for the best logo inspiration account on Instagram, @logoplace deserved a place. The account caters logos from creative geniuses from the best logo design service providers on the net. The logos are designed using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other tools. The account also shares the history of design and useful posts if you’re looking to increase your level in designing.


Though there are many more sources of logo design inspiration, here are just some of the best places that creative individuals and professional logo design services use for instant inspiration and turn out creating inspiration for their followers.

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