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5 Reasons Why Quantity Surveying Firms Improve Your ROI

Quantity surveying firms survey, plan, oversee, and mitigate problems that you may undergo during the construction of a building. They help you set an appropriate budget for a project, find the cheapest and best places for material procurement, and effectively manage labours on your behalf. Furthermore, they help you choose the right insurance plan for your building, keeping you safe and protected, should anything go wrong.

People have a misconception that employing a construction quantity surveyor is a waste of money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A construction quantity surveyor has ample knowledge of engineering, estimating, design and mediating, which make them the best suited for the job. They are an invaluable asset for the completion of any building or construction project. The five reasons to hire Quantity Surveying firms that can improve ROI are as follows

  • Proper Planning and Project Audits
  • Providing firms based on your project needs and protection from malpractices
  • Correct procurement strategy
  • Saving money and ensuring the project is completed on time
  • Providing insolvency management and claims support

Let us discuss in detail why you must hire a quantity surveying firm to help you out with your building project and how they can improve your ROI.

Quantity Surveying Firms

Proper Planning and Project Audits

Hiring a quantity surveying firm ensures that the project is cost-effective, feasible from the economic and engineering standpoint, and is compliant with the rules and regulations of the national and local bodies. Only after planning properly and taking necessary action can we proceed smoothly with the project. Quantity surveying firms constantly check and audit if everything is going according to the plan and meets the government guidelines. They recognise risks early and eliminate them.

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Providing Firms Based on Your Project Needs and Protecting You from Malpractices

Assessing a project is one thing; starting a project is something entirely different. Many people might know how to accomplish the project, but do not have contacts or have no idea which firms can help to start the project. Construction quantity surveyors will discuss with you, all the types of firms you will require, to complete the project.

Typically, they have a list of firms and can help you arrange interviews with firms. After you have confirmed the firm that you think is suitable, the construction quantity surveyor will arrange a contract that meets your needs. Moreover, the construction quantity surveyor will protect you by ensuring that each contract holds the contractors responsible for their actions.

Correct Procurement Strategy

Process strategy involves all the processes involved in the initial planning to the completion phase. Quantity surveying firms develop a proper plan of action, analyse the risks involved, making an effective strategy that counteracts all the risks, which promotes smooth and efficient workflow.

They also provide an accurate figure, for initial investment and recurring expenditure cost, which will provide you with an estimate of the round figure of the overall cost. Since the construction quantity surveyor is accountable for material procurement, the contractors cannot purchase unnecessary materials. Unless there is an unforeseen problem that may force you to alter the budget, the construction quantity surveyor will have everything under control.

Saving Money and Ensuring the Project is Completed on Time

Quantity surveying firms will ensure that the project scope will reach its completion at a certain specific time. Since the construction quantity surveyor has guided you and the contractors throughout the majority of the project, they can create a stipulated date for the completion of the project, following up the work and avoiding delays.

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A construction quantity surveyor is equipped with better judgement, making complex decisions throughout the project life cycle. Every project has many minor and major issues. A construction quantity surveyor can easily take care of these issues. In the long run, he/she will have avoided many miscalculations that might cost a lot of money. Rather than running the project yourself, it is always better to allow a professional to do his/her job.

Quantity Surveying Firms Provides Insolvency Management and Claims Support

Quantity surveying firms specialise in claim management and dispute resolution services. Their proficiency in interpreting contract documents enables them to settle disputes and ensure smooth progress. During distress situations, an experienced construction quantity surveyor can provide insolvency support by using his/her technical knowledge of contract and payment valuations, construction contracts, and procurement forms to assess the funds during risks and maximise recovery.

In conclusion

A quantity surveying firm helps to make the construction process stress-free, and they take care of the nitty-gritty such as planning and oversight. This attention to detail prevents issues from cropping once the construction is completed.

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