5 iPhone Driving Test Apps Free Download

Over time, the improvement of technology has made it easy for you to easily pass the driving test. Nowadays, there are a plethora of videos on YouTube and websites designed by professionals to help you pass the driving test.

Amazingly, if you own an iPhone you can download a great app to help you in learning driving. This is a great and convenient way for you to learn. Here are some great iPhone driving test Apps which you can download into your iPhone to help you in passing the driving test.

iPhone Driving Test Apps

Driving Theory Test 2018 Kit

Driving Test Success is one of the iPhone driving test Apps that has helped over 11 million learners and are proud that 9/10 pass their Theory Test using nothing but this app.

Whether you’re preparing for your Car or Motorcycle Theory Test, you’re in safe hands. This iPhone app work. your way through every official DVSA revision question, answer and explanation and track your progress with in-depth reports to know when you’re ready to sit the real test.

You need to master the Hazard Perception Test with 85 fully interactive video clips, including the 20 official DVSA CGI clips and cheat detection software just like the official test.

A helpful tool to reference for the Theory Test and beyond! Revise from the latest UK Highway Code, with an advanced search feature and even a fun quiz too. The app does not need an internet connection once downloaded and has no adverts so you can revise anytime, anywhere without worrying about data or annoying interruptions. Read more

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Canadian Driving Tests

The Canadian Driving Tests app is the ultimate tool to learn the rules, signs and laws of the road to pass any Canadian driving test. This app is for general information purposes only.

This app is not intended to be relied upon in any dispute, claim, action, proceeding or for legal advice. For official law descriptions and administrative centres, please consult the provincial or territory body.

Canadian iPhone Driving Test Apps Features

– 3200+ province-specific questions and answers covering all signs and rules
– Practice questions and test formats
– Questions are randomly generated, creating unique tests every time!
– Questions are up to date and very challenging!
– Official handbooks for every province and territory
– This app does not need the internet, so you can use it anytime, anywhere, including on your way to the test. Read more

Hazard Perception Test Revision Clips

To pass the Hazard Perception Test you need to download any of the iPhone driving test Apps and learn how to recognise and respond to developing hazards on our roads.

This iPhone driving test App will help to teach you the essential skills needed to pass your test first time and stay safe on our roads. Practise the official revision clips from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) the people who set the tests.

Key Features

– Practise and receive immediate feedback after each clip to find out how well you scored.
– Review each clip to find out where the hazard started and where most points could have been achieved.
– Process monitor to keep a track of how well you’re doing.
– A video introducing you to the Hazard Perception Test.
– Learn on the go. You don’t need Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G to use the app. This means you can use it anywhere offline.
– Help guide. Everything you need to know about the DVSA test and how to use the app. Read more

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Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) iPhone App

This is one fo the iPhone driving test apps linked to the Roads and Maritime Services DKT web pages and requires an active internet connection. Whenever you get a spare minute, fire up the app and run through a few questions, because as you know, practice makes perfect.

Plus, getting yourself familiar with the road rules will help you relax once you sit the real test. If you don’t have your Ls and you have an iPhone, download the app (search DKT). It will help you pass the real thing on your first go because, let’s face it, getting your licence on the first attempt would be a great buzz. Learn more

LGV Theory Test App

Practise and learn all the 2017 official LGV or PCV multiple-choice Theory Test revision questions, licenced directly from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Key Features

Official DVSA Content: Contains the most up-to-date official Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations from the DVSA the people who set the tests.
Mock Tests: Sit unlimited mock tests with interactive case study questions, structured just like the official test.
Review: See where you went wrong and how to improve for next time.
Explanations: Contains ALL the OFFICIAL DVSA explanations to help you learn and understand the correct answer.
Progress Monitor: Keep a track of your progress so you know which categories need a bit more revision.
Works Offline: Once downloaded, there’s no need to connect to the internet to practice the Theory Test questions. Learn more

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For you to pass in the practical driving test, you must practice driving on the same roads to memorize the traffic arrows and signs. Learn how to park a vehicle because it is usually a challenge for most students. Using the above iPhone driving test apps will help you pass your driving test.

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