5 Best Ways Travel Bloggers Can Make Money Daily

If you love exploring all corners of the Earth, you could make a living as a travel blogger. It may just seem like a dream for you to run a travel blog, but you can really make a full-time income from it. Even if you are just getting started, there are ways for you to start earning as early as today from your blog.

Being a travel blogger comes with its own unique advantages. Some bloggers may only dabble in it at their own will, but those who do decide to make it into a serious business are making a big commitment to their blogging efforts. For one, being a travel blogger means always being available, whether it’s in person or online.

Travel Bloggers

Many people don’t consider a blogger ‘qualified’ until they’ve produced 5 or more articles and built a decent following. Travel bloggers also have to keep their information as current as they possibly can, since ‘information tourism’ (or updating a blog on a frequent basis) is a very fast-paced, competitive industry these days.

You can read more about five ways a travel blogger can make the money from a travel blog in the list below

Being a travel blogger also means having a good sense of humor, which you’ll need because many of your articles will go up against some pretty heavy content from the search engines.


Your travel blog can become a resume of sorts for you, and you can find countless opportunities just by allowing others to see your writing skills and your experiences. When certain companies or other bloggers see your interest in travel blogging, they may reach out to you to become a freelance copywriter for their own website.

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You can also use your blog as a resume when you are applying to other writing jobs, providing the link to your website to those looking for writers for their company. Sometimes, again, you may even have companies reach out to you to write for them and provide the information they need to them.

Sponsored Content

You may have seen the posts on social media that have a hashtag about sponsored content. That means that a company or a blogger is paying them to endorse their business through their posts to that user’s following.

You can do the same through travel blogging in that companies or other bloggers may reach out to you to showcase their brand on your own blog. Only work with those that you trust though as you could get into some risky situations if you jump into a sponsored content opportunity.

Sponsor Competitions

Sponsoring competitions are a little similar to sponsored content on your travel blog to help you make money. When you sponsor a competition, however, you are literally writing about how individuals can enter these competitions, and you are getting paid by the agency that is offering the reward.

Plus, you can still enter the competition yourself even though you are sponsoring it as you are not actually the one hosting it. Plus, you are helping thousands of viewers on your blog to enter a competition for a vacation that they could not otherwise afford on their own.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing does take a while to build up a steady income as you only earn a few cents per click. It is great, however, if you start out by becoming an affiliate for some of the cheapest products that people may use for their own travels.

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You can become an affiliate for a company or even for products that are found on Amazon, and it is super simple to sign up. If you work with Amazon, you can even see a record of the earnings that you have made so far from the clicks that have occurred.

Social Media

The final way to make money as a travel blogger is by utilizing social media to your advantage. To start, you can encourage people to click on the link to your blog so that you generate more traffic and get more clicks for your marketing.

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to build a following for your site and for your blog. You can also release live courses through social media in which people can sign up to learn more about becoming a travel blogger or about your travelling experiences in and of themselves.

Final Thoughts

Travel blogging is a great way to earn a living and to start doing what you love whether you’re camping in New York or jet-setting to Paris. All you have to do is start writing, come up with more topics for future blogs, and start travelling so that you have experiences to write about.

In order to make a decent profit from this career, you do need to take some of the steps that are listed above. Find some companies that you would like to sponsor on your website, or link your blog to become an affiliate for Amazon or some other company.


The way to keep a travel blog looking fresh and current is to keep all of your information fresh and up-to-date, no matter what. One way to accomplish this is by using the services of such things as

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter, etc.
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These services allow you to get the word out about your blog, and the traffic that comes to it through YouTube and other video sharing sites is huge. You can also use social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to generate some buzz about your site, but the bottom line is that your content has to be up to date and entertaining.

The two things above are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed as a travel blogger, but if you want to become a successful full-time travel blogger, then you have to do two things really well. First, you have to develop a sense of online marketing and traffic generation that will allow you to not only bring in visitors to your blog, but also to bring in the kind of income that allows you to quit your day job.

Second, you have to develop a means of monetizing that traffic so that you can keep bringing in more traffic and more income. A combination of those two things is what makes the travel blogger industry so successful these days. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that without those two things, you wouldn’t be able to make any money as a travel blogger at all!

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