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5 Best Influencer Marketing Strategies For 2020

The arena of Influencer Marketing was limited to the celebrities and a few dedicated bloggers over a decade ago. Later, the influencer marketing strategies became popular not only among celebrities but also for the normal people who emerged to become the content creators. It is believed that in today’s digital world, these social content creators with their niche audience can provide more value to the brands.

The reason being their quality of being authentic and organic. Experts say the Influencer marketing industry has evolved rapidly over the last few years and over 80% of brands have some sort of relationship with an influencer.

Some influencers have skills to execute an influencer marketing campaign single-handedly, but to pull off an effective influencer marketing campaign, influencers need to work proper strategic corporate planning, which by the assistance of an Influencer Marketing agency can be done. Every campaign contains different strategies according to the product and niche.

The Influencer agencies help in deciding the specificities of strategy that must be executed. At Confluencr, An Influencer Marketing Agency, the company successfully optimizes all the trending techniques to give brands the best results through their Influencer marketing campaign. Over the years various strategies have emerged from the experiments. But there a few basic strategies that will lead to optimum results for the campaign. Let’s have a look at Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing Strategies perspective that will help to skyrocket the results of the campaign

What Is The Intend?

Well investing in influencer marketing is always like gambling, either getting great ROI or not. And for most of the Influencer agencies, it is always a gamble because partly the necessary resources are not invested to test the capable channel, and partly as they don’t take crucial time to set the clear goals and determine the metrics. Setting a proper layout of what you want to deliver and how to measure the content effectiveness will help the campaign to make decisions about what to do not to do.

Rules Are A Must!

No matter what you do, there is some kind of procedure involved. And if done right, the result will be an effective outcome. Here in influencer marketing, there is a set of dos and don’ts involved that an Influencer agency as well as the Influencers themselves needs to take care of. Though influencer marketing is for everyone and anyone can become an influencer, there is a procedure they need to stick to.

One of the basic rules that both influencer and the agency needs to take care of is that they should always make it clear when content is ‘paid-for’ under the ASA’S rules, with the input of #Ad #Advert #Advertisement #AdvertisementFeature in the captions or posts.

It’s All About The Right Influencer!

At the beginning of the influencer marketing strategies, shortlisting the right influencer is a prominent task as the right influencer will aim to achieve the goals efficiently. To achieve this, firstly, along with analyzing the engagement of influencers with the audience, it is also necessary to evaluate the niche audience of the influencer. Along with this, influencer marketing strategies aim to converse with the audience in an informal language.

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The influencer marketing Strategies campaign should look like a conversation of influencers to the audience rather than an advert. This can be achieved by closely keeping track of the content of the influencers. Secondly the influencer marketing strategies, the influencers will contact the brand directly when they are interested in them and want to endorse on behalf of them.

Check the DMs, emails & messages if any influencer has ever contacted you. If they have quality posts, strong & engaged audiences or resonate with your brand, then they are the right people to become the ambassadors for the brand.

The Contests And Giveaways- Well It’s All In For A Prize!

Influencer Marketing Strategies

One of the most effective influencer marketing strategies in social media is conducting the contest. It engages the audience and intrigues them with the prize. It is a great way to spread word of mouth for the brand and gain potential customers. Getting the contests hosted by an influencer with a great audience following can make a huge impact on the campaign. This strategy will help to capture the maximum exposure in a particular niche.

The Big Win With Micro-Influencers

Influencer Marketing Strategies

An influencer with followings of 100,000 can make a big impact for sure. But Micro-Influencers, whose followings are between 5000 to 100,000, are with a loyal fanbase and have the ability to generate high engagement conversions. It is known that users with 1000-4000 followers get 4.5% engagement, whereas users with over 100,000 followers get only 1.7% engagement.

Now numbers speak for itself. Adding micro-influencers in the campaign strategy will not only make it effective but make your brand grow faster. A few out of many, these are the basic few but prominent strategies that are a must. At Confluencr, Influencer Marketing agency, the company intends to help brands and influencers shortlist the strategies that are trending and that will give stronger results.

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