5 Basic Skin Treatment Rules You Should Know

As we get closer to summer, Karachites can expect a slew of new skin treatment trends routines for your skincare. Naturally, we will look for the best beauty salon in Karachi and whatnot, but before this, let us, however, take a step back and revisit the foundations before we fully accept the news.

After all, if we don’t start with the basics as a foundation for our skin treatment routines, all of the high-end products we buy will fall short of the results we’re paying for. So here are a few beauty must-haves by my aesthetician Rejuve by Aliya Farooq, the best skin specialist in Karachi, which considers essential for 2020 and beyond to keep you on top of your skin treatment game.

Cleanse Once and Then Cleanse Again

Washing your face twice, rather than once, is what double cleansing entails. Whether you use a little or a lot of makeup, a single cleaning is simply insufficient. To ensure that all of the grime, dirt, and pollution built upon the surface of your skin and any makeup you apply at the start of your day, you must cleanse twice.

Basic Skin Treatment Rules

If you only wash once, you will get just apparent surface filth; however, if you follow up with a second cleanse, you will be able to infiltrate your pores and drain out any remaining dirt and sebum.

Always Layer Products in the Right Order

Your daily routine should be similar to constructing a house, with each brick laid in the correct order. When things are added out of charge to the basis of your daily routine, the entire building can collapse. For example, apply a moisturizer before eye cream.

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The active elements in the cream won’t permeate your skin properly since the moisturizer contains occlusive substances that build a barrier on your skin. Still, some so-called salons don’t take care of these crucial essential aspects in most cases. If you are visiting a beauty salon in Karachi, ensure that your beautician has applied the moisturizer before.

Start with the lightest products and work your way up to the more affluent products near the end of your regimen to get the order right. If you’re not sure which step to take when, here’s the order we believe is most effective:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Spot Cream
  • Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Oil
  • SPF

Allow time for each product to sink into your skin before moving on to the next.

Know Your Skin Type

You’ll have a better notion of your skin type after you grasp the traits of your skin, which will allow you to start selecting the appropriate products. Most skin treatment and skincare companies will specify what sort of skin they’re made to work on on the label.

But if they don’t, go online and read reviews and notes about a product to see if it’s suited for your skin. My skin treatment specialist in Karachi can also help you figure out your skin type and can provide you with the best aesthetic treatment that works your skin.

Take the Time to Exfoliate

Your skin type determines the frequency with which you should exfoliate. For example, if you have oily skin, exfoliate two or three times per week. However, if you have dry skin, you may only need to cleanse once a week.

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Ensure you don’t scrub too hard because this can harm your skin. Instead, use light pressure and warm, rather than hot, water.

Always Wear Sunscreen

As the rate of melanoma continues to rise, we encourage our patients to use sunscreen every time they leave the house. UV rays can penetrate your skin all year, even in the permanently gloomy Pacific Northwest, so you must take precautions against excessive sun exposure.

Use a lightweight SPF formula with at least a 30 SPF for the face, such as a moisturizer or invisible shield. If you require additional recommendations, be sure to consult your skin treatment specialist in Karachi and get your skin treated.

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