4 Ways to Optimize Instagram Post using Creative Content

There are more than one billion users on Instagram which means it offers a great opportunity to grow your business. But one thing is clear that you can’t Instagram post to market like the way you market on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Instagram is a photo-based platform that attracts likes through creative pictures and stories. The powerful the pictures, the great will be the reach. And when pictures have played the part, the caption comes next. So, you have to flex your creative muscles while marketing your business on Instagram.

Here are 4 tips that will help you to craft creative content for your Instagram Post

Instagram Post

IG Stories

Stories on your IG profiles for 24 hours but the impact it leaves on your followers draw engagement with your business. According to research, more than 500 people use IG stories on a regular basis.

You can use stories for creating a strong relationship with your followers, such as taking their opinions, revealing good news to them or telling them about your new launches or business activities.

And the interesting part is that you can add your stories to your stories highlights to make it permanent on your business account. This step will persuade new followers to your business.

Show the Real You

Every business does a lot of work at the back end such as organizing seminars, meeting the collaborators, going for business trips or communicating with like-minded professionals. Showing this part of your business to the audience makes them feel that you exist for real and don’t fake things for promotions.

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Keeping your followers intact with your business activities is the best way to spark their interest in your business. So, whether you reviewed a product, attend a soft launch party or meet up with your business partners, keep your followers in loop vis creating stories and see how great results you’ll achieve for your business.

Also, keep tracking your story insights so you’ll know the engagements you received on your stories. Or you can also share the results with an Internet marketing specialist and learn the insights about your audience.


Do you know Instagram business accounts who organize Giveaways grow 70% faster as compared to the other accounts who don’t? That’s true! Organizing creative contests and giving away free products to the winner grow your followers. For example, I came across a contest where the brand was giving their free accessories to someone who tags their three friends and those three friends share the stories on their accounts.

In the hopes of getting the giveaway, more and more people will show engagement in your Instagram post which results in growing your overall reach. You can also give a free subscription of your software only if you’re a software company or if you’re an SEO company then you can give a free consultation about the SEO services in account of customer’s websites.

Create Memes

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuck then you must know how creative memes he creates to boost engagement on his IG account. Memes are humorously brilliant and one of the unique way to make your Instagram post look different from others. And memes doesn’t mean take you out of the context for your business because you can relate the meme content to your products or services.

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In addition, if you’re creating post then with that post you can also aware of the daily applications of the product. Instagram post like these are great for your brand recognition more than drawing engagements if you do it with the relevant hashtags.

Instagram is best for Brand Building

If you run an online business and don’t have the visibility on IG then it means you’re missing a golden opportunity to brand success. By following the tips mentioned above you won’t only give a creative boost to your Instagram but will also love the process because if you keep IG fun you’ll gain better brand recognition in a short time.

I’d also recommend you to sneak on your competitors and know what they are doing on their business accounts. It will give you more ideas to run your IG like a pro.

Do you like these tips? If yes then do share your feedback below

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