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4 Types of Accounting Services and Their Importance

Summing up the importance of accounting in one sentence, Charles Munger, an American investor, says, “Accounting is the language of practical business life.” Whether you’re a self-employed professional, entrepreneur, or owner of large business, it is necessary to get accounting services. While big firms have in-house accounting departments, small business owners outsource their accounting chores as it is a cost-effective solution. Now, this is where the problem begins. Mostly, entrepreneurs are unable to decide which accounting services they should acquire due to their lack of expertise in such a complex subject.

Therefore, we have listed down the most essential and profitable accounting services

Accounting Services


Bookkeeping means to record your financial transactions. It is a primary accounting service. It helps you budget better, plan better, and decide better. Besides tracking your profits, checking your cash flow, and presenting insights into your finances, bookkeeping can make it simpler to report your revenues to investors. With properly kept books, it is easier to prepare your taxes and appear in an IRS audit. Above all, it is a legal obligation. Therefore, it is necessary to get the accounting services of the best accounting firms.

Tax Accounting

In 2018, 68% of small businesses received tax services. Tax accounting means to prepare and analyze your tax returns in a way that you have to pay minimum tax without breaking laws. Simple, isn’t? Well, it only sounds simple. Tax laws are very complicated, written in technical language. It is only a professional tax accountant who can interpret them and minimize your tax liabilities. So, there are two benefits of tax accounting: minimum taxes and compliance with the laws.

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Payroll Processing

Paying your workers on time makes them happy and the happier your employees, the more their productivity. But, payroll processing is a time-taking task and requires comprehensive management and recordkeeping. Hence, for small businesses, it is best to outsource their payroll processing duties to professional accounting firms. In this way, you won’t miss any payments and will be able to focus on your business.

Financial Controller Services

Financial Controller is the head of the accounting department in an organization and plays a pivotal role in driving the company towards its goals. The financial controller oversees all the monetary activities like maintaining general ledger and internal controls system, monitoring account operations and transactions, managing account staff, transaction processing, and statements and giving insights to management for informed decision-making.

Generally, a small or mid-sized business cannot afford hefty pays of the controller, but financial controller services cost only one-third the salary of an on-site controller. Thus, every thriving organization must try to get financial controller services as soon as possible. Apart from all these, there are still several accounting services, but these are the go-to services for SMEs. The best way to get them is to seek the assistance of a professional accounting firm. They analyze your

business, offering you personalized advice. An example of such an accounting firm in NJ is the Edison Tax Group. A group of experienced individuals, they offer the most comprehensive accounting services in NJ. Edison Tax Group will provide the best accounting services for you. The company has a resolute team of accountants, business mentors and tax advisors aspiring to give your businesses the financial stability they need.

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Edison Tax Group comprehensive services include bookkeeping, payroll assistance, preparation of balance sheets, creation of income statements, QuickBooks support, etc. The accounting company will be extremely pleased to balance your sheets, handle accounts, and project your profits. While providing all these accounting and tax services, we keep your interest in the first place.

The accounting company will works closely with the members of your organization which not only helps to reach your goals in no time but also provides a precious opportunity to your staff to learn from the experienced officers so they can incorporate these valuable lessons in their daily work. The company works with high moral, ethical and business values and protecting the information of their valued clients is one of them.

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