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4 Tips to Choose Best SEO Specialist for Your Business

It is very frustrating when you have a great website with lots of quality contents but not having enough traffic or potential visitor reading or visiting your website. Is this a problem your business is experiencing? Many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize that once their website is built, they need to hire an SEO specialist that will properly work on the website to optimize it for search engine.

So how do you get people to visit your business website on the Google, Yahoo! or Bing first or second search results pages? The simple answer to the question can be very complex. This is why business owners need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) using the SEO agencies or specialists to increase their business website search engine visibility which will generate more sales leads.

Working with many small business owners, the last thing they want to learn about is SEO is to focus on their own business and core competency than to learn someone else’s expertise. If your business website is suffering from low search engine rankings, and you don’t want to have to learn a whole new profession in order to boost the rankings just follow the tips below.

4 steps to finding the best SEO Specialist for your business needs

Best SEO Specialist

Determining What You Want

A website can be at varying search visibility stages and will have different SEO needs. For example, your business website might only need to be ranked better on different search engines vs. needing everything from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, ongoing SEO maintenance, content creation SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing and more.

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Before you jump in and try typing the “Best SEO Specialist or Agency into Google, you first need to determine what you want out of an SEO campaign. You could only need to increase the traffic to your website by 5-10 per cent within the next 6-8 months, or you just need to build your list of extra100 qualified leads over a certain time frame.

Knowing what exactly you need to do, this will help you to measure the success of your SEO campaign. You need to keep in mind that SEO and SEM are relative where the results you seek can be in direct proportion to the money you are willing to invest. Your expectations realistic is important, especially when no legitimate SEO specialist can promise results that are out of their control when it comes to how the search engines behave.

Consult different SEO Specialists

Once you have determined what you want to achieve with your website, you need to liaise with many SEO specialists to compare which of them will be suitable for your specific business SEO needs. An SEO campaign is a process that can take from 4 months to 12 months for you to achieve your goal.

A good SEO campaign first needs to implement website improvements and then will have a cumulative effect before seeing potential benefits. If an SEO specialist promises high search engine rankings in a fast amount of time, you need to run away from such a person. No one has the secret to that kind of success unless they were part of the inner circle working at Google.

The good SEO specialist should show interest in your business and what you want to achieve with his or her help. Having the expectation they are working as an extension of your current in-house team, someone who is readily available to answer your exploratory questions and provide regular status updates.

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You need to Check for Past Performances with References

By looking at the past performances, you can accurately predict the future and what the SEO specialist can do with your business website. If the SEO expert has had considerable successes helping similar industries like yours in the past, then it will have no trouble helping your business. An ideal way to check on a potential SEO agent’s credentials is to ask their former and current clients directly.

Find out how effectively the SEO campaign worked and what kind of guidance and suggestions he or she provided throughout. A good SEO specialist should not only solve long-term problems but also be accessible to answer any questions you might have.

Ask about the SEO Specialist past History

if you know the personal story of the SEO agent, that can help you greatly in determining whether the person will be a good fit for you and your business. Just ask the agent about how he/she became a Google partner or what their proudest achievement is.

Asking about the best or worst clients he has worked with in the past and how he was able to handle the difficult clients. It is much like hiring a potential employee you need to decide from the “job interview”, not just from the impressive-looking sales page or the number of Facebook likes he has. Source

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