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4 Social Commerce Tips to Boost Your Site Income

As people spend most of their time on social media, it’s time for companies to shift focus to social commerce platform for increasing their sales. Social commerce or approaching customers through social media has now been considered as the most effective marketing strategy presently.

Social media know no bounds when it comes to its popularity and ability to turn any content viral. Ecommerce websites can benefit a lot from social commerce i.e. selling their products through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and alike. To understand better why you should be turning to social eCommerce in eCommerce soon enough

Here are some of the social commerce benefits associated with it.

Boost search engine rankings

It’s a well-proven fact now that social media feed can enrich your website and direct much-needed traffic towards it. Social media usage can create a social buzz with ample reach, shares, comments, creating links and such. Also, did you know Instagram’s most trending posts features products? This is the type of news eCommerce businesses are looking for.

Isn’t it? Social commerce through Instagram is considered best for boosting sales as shoppable posts lure customers towards it. When this social media feed is integrated on the website, it increases traffic to the website and boosts the search engine rankings.

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Enhances customer loyalty

Social commerce instils a sense of protection and reliability for a company in the user. On social media, users can see other users communicating with the brand with the help of comments. They gather meaningful information and sometimes find genuine reviews in these comments.

This enables the user to judge the product and is in a better position to trust the brand. Thus, social commerce enables users to communicate directly and bridges the gap between the customer and company relationship.

Repeat purchases

When the company is focused on building a long term relationship with the customers, they get more inclined towards creating relationship marketing rather than just transactional marketing. Adopting relationship marketing turns casual customers to permanent ones.

They are made to be informed of the latest discounts, deals, special events, the arrival of new products etc. This initiates customers to make repeated purchases without the fear of being schemed.

Word of mouth advertising

Social commerce facilitates free marketing with no sort of hidden expenses. Whatever you do on social media to increase your sales requires no investment. Social commerce is known for its word of mouth advertising. Comments, shares, reviews, visual representations, and stories speak more than anything when it comes to spreading a word about your products.

Social Commerce Tips

Social media markets your products by enabling customers to search for you. The customers are better convinced when they are not forced to buy a product instead, they choose to buy products from you. This is easily enabled through word of mouth advertising of social commerce.

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Social commerce is in trend these days as it’s the lowest cost marketing strategy that can provide a remarkable change in your sales. As companies are rushing towards grabbing the opportunity of the same, it’s time to add a little change to your social commerce game to leverage your e-commerce.

Some of the social commerce platforms that can alleviate your business include


Thank us later for discovering this amazing social commerce platform. TaggShop can be your ultimate social commerce guide without requiring professional help. What does TaggShop do? TaggShop collects all the UGC from all your social media platforms of your brand and displays it over your website to increase user engagement.

It lets users buy products of their choice by linking products to the shoppable posts. Are you swooning over a dress from so long and does not know where to buy it from? TaggShop will help you in finding out such users by adding shoppable post to your e-commerce website.

All you need to do is log in to TaggShop, embed the code generated on your website and make your social feed shoppable. TaggShop also provides access to insights with options like users sentiments, most clickable posts etc. which keeps the company informed of its performance.


Boost sales through active blogging. Add Disqus to the company’s blog to let users communicate among themselves and seek answers to their queries. Make users fetch you through your blog. There are decent chances of increasing website traffic through active and relevant blogging content.

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Social media Aggregator tools

Embed social media feed on your website through social media aggregator tools. Create an attractive social wall and increase your eCommerce website’s worth. Connect your social commerce with eCommerce so that users can connect to your website through social media.

Thus, social commerce in eCommerce is the easiest and least expensive marketing strategy to increase your sales. It also improves your website’s metrics by increasing the dwelling time and reducing the bounce rate. If you are an eCommerce company, leave no stone unturned in adopting social commerce for boosting your sales.

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