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4 Best African Wedding Dresses for the Bride

The wedding is the most important event in a girl’s life. It is more important than the day that she took birth on this planet earth. There is a lot of celebration and merry-making in the air and all the relatives and friends of the bride are in a festive mood.

So let us participate in the wedding ceremonies of different brides and help them in getting dressed up for the ceremony. And today in this article we are going to share with you some of the best African wedding dresses that a bride can wear on her wedding day.

So, let’s browse through the various wedding dress options that are available to the African brides

Wedding Dress

WOW! Here we have a very attractive dress for our African bride. This is a very long white colour dress with white printed motifs printed at spaces between all over the dress. The dress is a very deep back cut dress with a big V at the back. The dress is a half sleeve dress with a lot of puff at the sleeves at the shoulders.

The sleeves are puffed sleeves. The dress tapers down the waist and then starts the ballooning of the lower part of the dress. The dress has a length that is nearly double the length of the girl. The dress gathers in a tail behind the girl and gives it a Cinderella type of a look. The dress is a lovely contrast to the girl from the black community.

Wedding Dress

Here we have another African traditional dress which can be a very beautiful option for the bride. The dress is a mix-n-match of white and embroidered fabric that has used many colours for the embroidery. The embroidery is actually border embroidery for the dress. The lady has a hairdresser that is made of white net and falls up to the shoulders of the girl. Then the dress is a shoulderless dress that even has no neck and is an open affair.

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The dress starts with the embroidered border at the front of the body. Then the white dress tapers to the waist of the girl. Then for the lower part of the dress the fabric balloons into a white cascade of fabric that reaches the feet of the girl. The back and the bottom of the dress are embellished with the border in embroidery and look elegant.

Wedding Dress

This dress is a very scintillating dress that appeals to the groom in a very seductive way. The dress has a fully netted back so as to give it a backless look. The dress involves a lot of embroidery work and a lot of cut work that cuts along the edges of the embroidery at the shoulder and the sides. The back net goes right up to the waist at the back. The net extends up to the lower waist at the back.

Wedding Dress

The front of the dress is full of cutwork and embroidery up to below the waist. Then starts the lower part the upper part extends up to the hips of the girl in a very hip-hugging fashion that embraces the hips. Then from the hips towards the feet the fabric just swells up with a lot of gathers and the ballooning effect gives a fishtail like of look to the dress.

The dress is further decorated with a lot of beads that are spread all over the dress. Let me remind you that all the above dresses are meant for the brides from the black community of the African countries. But these dresses can be tried on by the brides of other countries too and they also can make their event a really memorable one.

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