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3 Simple Guide to Create Best Header Card for a Brand

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We all go shopping in a retail store, and every one of us comes across tons of different labels striving to grab your notoriety. However, the question is how does the business header card make a brand get the customer’s attention? The answer is quite simple, it is the packaging. The packaging helps your product getting customer attention, and makes up the mind of purchasing the product.

Even though you offer a remarkable product, poor quality packaging will take away your limelight, and make your product list among the underlying quality products of the market. Hence, packaging holds prime importance in deciding the fortune of any product. So, make sure that you offer an impressive packaging for your commodity to help you generate extra sales, and remain in the list of darling brands.

Header Card is a Sensible Packaging Choice

Even though the market has some genuine manufacturers such as Dawn Printing, offering ample packaging choices for your product at an affordable price, if you want a blend of flexible budget and ease, then my recommendation is to go for header cards.

Now, the majority of you know this one as the bag topper cards, which is precisely a printed card piece, folded into half, and staple with the plastic bag to secure and label. I love this packaging style as it is easy to implement, and you can offer your commodity to the clientele within a limited time frame. So, if you are interested, then designing a header card for your business is quite stressed free.

All you need is to follow some simple steps below

Opting for Header Card Size

The first step of designing business cards header is to decide the accurate size of the header card. Different companies have different game plans in this regard, either they have some set sizes of the business cards header, or they leave the choice for you, allowing you to decide the size according to the product.

However, a crucial tip from my end is to make sure the header card is one-eighth bigger than the plastic bag size. Moreover, the height depends on the product within the bag, which means the heavier product needs a higher card and vice versa.

Plot a Unique Design for the Header Card

The next step is quite significant, as you have to decide an out of the box design for the header card. Therefore, you need assistance from a professional graphic designer to use his creative instinct and come up with a decent header card design. The process of designing a header card is quite elaborate.

You need to understand some vital points; for instance, design to bleed as empty parameters can be a crucial turn off in the header card. Besides, it also gives an impression of a cheap quality product.

What’s more, is that you have to print the design of the header card print on the sheet of paper, which you later fold into the header card; therefore, you expect to be cautious that you print the upper half of the card upside down. Nonetheless, there is no hard and fast rule, as you can design it on both sides, which is the front and back. Moreover, you can print the additional content and user instructions on the inner side of the card for the users.

Opting for a Hole Punch

Since we are talking about the header cards, so you need to know that it has two basic types of a hole punch, which are:

  • Typical hole punch
  • Sombrero hole punch

Now a small commodity does not need a plastic bag as it works well without it. However, this type of packaging demands cardstock to print, along with a slide to help attach the product. Overall, it is an excellent option for Jewelry and other commodities. Honestly, I thoroughly recommend this one; particularly, for new businesses, as none can be affordable and useful as this one.

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