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3 Best Way to Get a Financial Aid During Pandemic

Financial aid is funding made available exclusively to individuals by the Government, the Financial Institutions, or the Financial Technology Company especially students to assist them in covering the many costs they incurred in the pursuit of their post-secondary education.

This financial aid is most available from the federal and state governments, the educational institutions, and private organizations. The financial aid can be awarded in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. In order to apply for federal financial aid in the United States, students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

If you are currently facing an unexpected financial expense that is creating a sense of uncertainty and stress. Or a job loss, an unforeseen medical situation, or a major home repair; these are some situations that can cause a plunge in your finances situation.

One situation that is common to every individual at this time is the coronavirus pandemic trauma which has been classified by the World Health Organization as a Global Pandemic. The coronavirus has caused businesses and business owners to shut down their business activities and stay indoors.

Financial Aid

Economically speaking, it is expected that people will face varying forms of financial hardship during and after the pandemic lockdown. Whatever the situation may be for you, you do not need to panic just yet, this financial aid tips will help you successfully to navigate your way through a financial emergency.

How to get Financial Aid for a Financial Emergency during and after Pandemic

Reduction in your Financial Spending

Though you may not be able to completely control the events that put you into a financial tough times, one of the most rational things you can do to reduce the effect of financial constraint on your budget is to try to reduce your daily spending where it is necessary. You need to take time to review all of your current expenses.

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This will allow you to determine which of your costs you can realistically remove or reduce at the moment. You can look at the nice-to-have services you subscribe to and downgrade where you do not necessarily need those services at the moment. Your TV, Internet, fuel usage, and other services you buy in bulk or you subscribe to if you are a high-end premium user, and meanwhile, at the moment you may not be needing those extra services,

It is ok to review them and go for a lower package that sits well with your budget at the moment. It is true that people are advised to stock up as we do not know exactly when this will be over, however, it will be unwise to buy the things you do not need at the moment or things you cannot guarantee to be able to preserve for a long time all in the name of stocking up.

Buy only the items that won’t get spoilt in your house before they are used. Some online shops are allowed to provide skeletal services at the moment, so you can still do some essentials shopping for perishables. Buying a lot of items that will just rot in your kitchen or fridge is a sheer waste of money.

Looking out for Discounts and Bonuses From Brands

As a sign of goodwill from some brands and service providers towards helping people go through the COVID-19 trying times, most of the brands have rolled out series of cushioning packages as a form of financial aid for their esteemed customers to assist them in going through this coronavirus pandemic period with less financial troubles.

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Many service providers have dropped the price of their products and services, others have created custom packages with lower prices to help their customers to remain afloat during this pandemic crisis. Some brands have made access to their facilities completely free during this period. While some have promised to give subscribed members extended access to their products or services for the period of the Pandemic with reduced service charges.

Whatever you are doing, as a working professional or business owner, the next time you want to renew a product or service that you currently use, do well to check around for discounts or bonuses that may be available to you from that brand or a competitor.

You need to Pay Attention To Government Intervention

With the help of other private sector contributors, the government has rolled out various intervention programs that are designed to help people get access to financial aid which will serve as a succour to any financial or health challenge the COVID-19 pandemic might have brought with it.

For example, the Lagos State Government launched a food distribution scheme, where food and other essential items are distributed to people in their homes, also there is a mobile food market that moves to different neighbourhoods on different days to provide food to the inhabitants at a very low price.

You need to keep an eye on the news in your area to know when these intervention programs will get to your area so that you can save big on shopping essential items.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has also launched an intervention financial aid fund which is designed to provide individuals and businesses that have verifiable proof to have been economically affected by the coronavirus Disease. You can visit the Central Bank of Nigeria website to get more details on this financial aid and Google other intervention packages that may benefit you.

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Finally, you are not alone

At Page Financials, they’re not just a financial aid provider, they’re your partner and they have your welfare at heart. Whatever financial situation you are in, automatically concerns the financial company. Simply reach out to their contact centre on 016317243 or 017008050.

You may experience some delays for a financial aid request due to the lockdown, however, they are available to assist you. You can also talk to them on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn @Pagefinancials or simply send a Direct Message via email at and they will respond as soon possible.

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