2 Best Ways Deepfake Can be Detected Using AI Technology

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The fake videos containing the face of another person swapped on another person influencing people to believe in such Deepfakes. But thanks to AI researchers from Albany University such Deepfakes can be detected by analyzing unique fingerprints in the digital file. Actually, over the past few years, Deepfake becomes prevalent especially in creating videos in the porn industry indirectly defaming popular celebrities.

Though AI-supported technology is used to create Deepfakes now AI is going to help in detecting such images or videos with a better level of accuracy helping people to know about the truth of such contents.

Powered by deep neural networks AI-backed created Deepfakes to be precise are fake videos. Actually these amazingly good enough become difficult to compare them from real videos. And not only videos but images are also created with similar attributes.

Deepfake on the Rise

Earlier people were well aware of the Photoshop and other photo editing tools there were used in creating fake or cloned images affecting the relationships and personal lives of many people. And now this is on the rise posing a new threat to not only relationships but also have more potential to threaten the security of the people.

AI researchers including scientists and political experts are more concerned about the uncontrollable rise of this technology that can influence the people using political individuals and can spread much more faster and effectively than fake news. To combat such misuse of technology, an AI-enabled tool is required that can detect Deepfake videos easily.

As the videos are created with the help of AI algorithms, means it is the illegal use of such future technology and few well-known people like Elon Musk are campaigning for AI control. Machines are now capable to create consumable content on their own, means they have the potential to damage if left without any control.

Such programs merge images from various sources into a video and compose scenes that imitate one person onto another. Using as a political weapon, this technology can be used to spread false information by making influential people appear misleading their followers or saying something that affects their credibility and integrity with long-term effects.

How Deepfake is Created?

To create the Deepfakes an advanced level of technology is used in which firstly the system is able to master specific features that are native to and specify the targeted person. After this, analysis of a huge number of images of the target from various angles at different scenes while posing with variable facial expressions.

Fortuitously, Deepfakes still have lots of flaws that AI researchers are taking advantage to detect Deepfakes. Actually, in fake videos, certain patterns can be revealed by another if a smarter algorithm system is used to find out the altered digital fingerprint of the videos.

Like one of the most popular loopholes in such videos is a person in Deepfake videos blink eyes less than normal human beings do. Inexperienced developer’s neural networks miss the natural movement of eyes while creating such videos. In a few videos, fake videos consistently blink eyes not matching their facial expressions making easier for AI developers to detect the fakes.

Who Will Dominate in Using the AI Efficiently?

Top professors and researchers are working to develop the more efficient Deepfake detection tools that can easily pick the fake blinking the patterns of eyes. And now the newly developed systems are capable to pick on missed subtle and other unique physiological signals humans give, while speaking or talking like one of them, is breathing rates.

However, on the other hand, as soon as Deepfake makers go to know about such flows they also become smarter and now making the fake videos with better algorithms to ensure the accuracy level that becomes harder to spot by experts. But, AI researchers are also working consistently to track such fake videos and spot the Deepfakes.

Cogito is one of the companies providing Deepfake detection services to find out the fake videos and images or audio manually done by humans using the huge number of the database of all the popular celebrities, politicians, actors and actresses with the best level of accuracy. It is also using AI-backed technology to detect Deepfakes for all types of people around the world.

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