10 Trendy Kurtis You Must-Have in Your Wardrobe

After wearing layers of clothes for months you are coming out from your clothes hibernation. And with summer coming ahead choosing clothes gets more of a task. Be it your office or your college, be it going to your friend’s place or a date, choosing clothes has always been a real task as one can never have enough clothes for an outing.

But Kurtis is one of those clothes which can never make you look underdressed on any of these occasions. Paired up with the right bottoms and accessories can make your outfit perfect for the day. There are hundreds of types of options one has while they are in search of Kurtis.

The traditional outfit with a modern touch can be worn by women of all age groups if properly accessorized. Due to its versatility of being able to be styled in many ways every college going girl or a working woman prefers this over any other.

Tail Kurti

As the name suggests the Kurtis are longer from the back and shorter from the front. They can be paired with jeans, leggings or stockings. You can even add an ethnic jacket to add more essence to your outfit. A cut in front of your tail Kurti can give it more flares and layers, you can pair this with a clutch or slings with peep toe or heels while attending a club or just wedges while enjoying your kitty party.

A-line Kurti

The most popular type of Kurti is A-line Kurti as it shows the right curves of the person wearing, it is narrower at the waist and then flares up to the bottom length, you can choose the length of your Kurti according to your need. It can be calf length.

A-line kurti

Ankle length or knee-length. You can wear this with dhotis, capris, leggings, Patiala or churidars according to your preferences you can pair them with pumps or Kolhapuris or your casual shoes.

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Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali kurtis got its name from Madhubala who played the role of Anarkali. It is a perfect example of grace and elegance.

Jaipuri Kurti Designer Anarkali

Anarkalis are the most worn type of Kurti at weddings, festivals and occasions. They are different versions of Anarkali like front slits, and side slits which are equally worn by everyone. Paired up with necklaces or Jhumkas and the right footwear is important, the most worn are heels.

Long Straight Kurti

The most worn Kurtis and the one in the most demand is the long straight Kurti, they look great with any kind of bottom be it jeans, leggings or dhotis they can be paired with jackets too to get a modern touch. When paired with skirts it is a perfect choice for outings, when paired with straight pants a classic choice for your office.

Long Straight Kurti

They come in many varieties of fabric and Kurtis pants set wholesale prices in many markets of India. The Pakistani Kurti is one of the most ethnic which along with oxidized junky jewellery can make you look breathtaking.

Dhoti Kurti

With the ever-changing fashions industry dhotis have been one of the statement clothing, paired with a short shirt Kurti can give you a modern look perfect for your occasion when paired with the right jewellery and footwear you can nail look.

Dhotis can be worn to any occasion be it your casual outing or a wedding paired with opt accessories that will turn every head when you walk. Dhotis have an unusual drape which makes them more comfortable.

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Flared Kurti

Flared Kurtis is always confused with Anarkalis but the basic difference is Anarkalis are body fit whereas flare Kurtis is loose and look amazing on tall slim body shapes. The best bottom wear is ankle length jeans, Patiala and straight pants. Paired up with heels, bellies, wedges or ethnic wear. When paired with delicate jewellery to give you a simple and classic look.

Indo- western Kurti

This is an era of fusions, how can we miss traditional Kurti fashioned with a modern touch. Indo western Kurtis has different necklines and sleeves to add more elegance to traditional outfits.

Indo- western Kurti

You can add a jacket to give your simple Kurti a modern touch. You can pair it with pants, leggings, jeans or even shots. You can add junk jewellery with boots or heels to complete your look for your casual outing or date.

Colour block Kurti

This is the right Kurti for your bold personality. They have bright colours and come in many different types like a-line straight Kurti. The colour of these Kurtis is what makes them stand out. The contrasting colours of these Kurtis are mesmerizing.

Colour block Kurti

These bold colours are mostly worn in summer and to look a little edgy you can carry a jacket with it. You can see this Kurti worn with straight pants, skirts, leggings along with heels, sandals and accessories with studs or loops.

Floor-length Kurti

Floor-length Kurtis is traditional gowns for Indians, inspired by b-town. Many types of Kurtis lie under this category such as flare Kurtis, and Anarkali. They can be worn with Jhumkis, bangles with Kolhapuris, wedges or heels too.

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Kaftan Kurtis

This is one of the modern Kurti which has made a place in every woman’s wardrobe, these are trendy and give you a sophisticated look. They have a casual look but with some embroidery or work, they can be worn anywhere.

Kaftan Kurtis

They can be worn with jeans, leggings or even pants but many times you’ll find them worn as dresses to make them look like the perfect beach dress. Hoops work well with these and as per the occasion, you can choose what kind of footwear you want to wear.

Kurtis is one of the most comfortable Indian attire we have, no matter the occasion or time of the day they can be worn anywhere. And with the huge variety to choose from one can never go out of options while choosing. Kurtis is available in every type to suit well every body shape and skin tone in India. You’ll find many women wearing this on many different occasions.

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