As podcasts continue to rise in popularity, more people are joining the trend and making their shows. Most do podcasting to establish themselves as an industry specialist, get an audience, reach out to more influences, and generate exposure for their business.

Many show-runners are also using podcasting as an extra revenue stream or to make a living. If you are also enticed to make money from podcasting, we’ll discuss all the essential things you should know.

What toDo Before Podcast Monetization

We know you want to get into the money talks real quick. There are certain factors, however, that you should consider first that will determine if you’ll be able to get revenue from your podcast. Make sure that you establish these first before deciding to monetize your show.


Try asking yourself if you’re able to bring out the best you whenever you do your podcast or if your content and show is sustainable. Once passion flows, everything will be natural. It will be easier to make relationships, make a difference in your listener’s lives, and earn a profit at the same time.

Get the right equipment and facility.

Audio quality is crucial. Make sure to invest in the proper podcasts instruments, such as a decent mic, a reliable laptop, and excellent recording and editing . To maximize the quality, try to record in an echo-free room. Check out karaoke Bananza for more reviews on equipment.

Delivery and Performance

You can have the best topic in the world, but without proper delivery and performance, your message won’t come across. The next thing for your podcasting would be your listeners getting bored and leaving your podcast. Make sure to put passion and enthusiasm every outing and always strive for improvement.

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10 Ways to Make Money Through Podcasting

Podcasting Secrets

Once you’ve met all the given requirements and started creating something great for your audience, it’s time to begin making revenue through your podcast. There are different options available, but it’s better to choose a few that would suit and work for your show

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate or performance marketing is a method wherein you get commission by referring people to a company. You will typically get revenue once the person makes a purchase. This method of making money from podcasting works great when you promote services or products you are already using or familiar with.

That way, you can genuinely discuss the advantages you’re getting from them. You can make an ad spot to boost the affiliate offer or simply mention the product or service smoothly when you are delivering your regular content.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Sponsorships and advertising are most likely the most popular way of making money from your podcast. You can join different podcast ad networks that can easily connect you with various advertisers.

However, you’ll need around 5k to 10k listeners each month first to work with them. If you have a smaller group of a targeted audience, the best alternative is reaching out directly to companies that would fit your niche audience.


Most famous podcasters produce their own online course in teaching similar content to what they typically discuss on their shows. These online courses are an excellent way to inform and guide someone over something in an easy-to-follow way.

Once they’ve completed the course, what they can expect are specific and reliable results. To inform your listeners about your class, you can mention it in your show or, better, tell them through a detailed email

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Another way to make money through your podcasts is by offering services in line with the content you tackle on your podcasts. For instance, if you are thoroughly discussing online ads on your podcast, you can provide ads management services to your listeners.

Through Podcasting, you can share your precious knowledge and experience about the topic, your audience will be confident as they know they are getting expert-level service. It would be more convenient to get clients without taking much effort to sell your capabilities.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and consulting closely resembles selling your service, but the difference is that you don’t actually do work form them. What you do is to guide or help them to improve instead. This help can be in different industries, such as diet, fitness, business, and teaching

Crowdfunding and Donations

You can seek donations to help fund and support your podcast. Entertainment-focused podcasts are usually an excellent fit to monetize through this method. Luckily, there are different platforms available for accepting donations.

You can easily offer extra content or bonuses based on the amount of money provided by people supporting you. Moreover, some platforms allow you to create a paid-only feed for your long-term patronizers.

Sell Products

Once you have a good number of followers, you can now start selling physical products. These goods can be mugs, t-shirts, and other swag relating to your podcast.

There are platforms you could use to ensure that you get enough sales first before they start producing the actual. That way, you can be assured of your revenue as everything is sold and that you won’t be stuck with too many items

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Create Books

Crossing from the podcast industry into print media is another unique way to make revenue and increase the presence of your show. Collate all the topics you’ve tackled in an informative book. Then, use your podcast listeners to get those initial purchases and reviews that will boost the popularity of your book too.

Host Events

While hosting events create a good amount of money, it does more than for you and podcasts. By hosting such gatherings, you bring together all your listeners and connect with them better.

Engaging with them personally builds rapport, ensuring a long-term relationship with them. Moreover, having an event can also be your avenue to employ different methods of earning. You offer your services, products, books, and paid subscription during your live event.

Public Speaking

Most podcasters are being asked for speaking gigs due to their knowledge about their industry. You can expect to be invited to live events and conferences and get paid to speak your thoughts. Speaking rates may vary.

Some are paid a few hundred dollars, while others offer just free accommodation and attendance. Nevertheless, speaking is an incredible way to get exposed to new potential listeners and establish your authority in your field.

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