10 Email Marketing Tools to Boost your Real Estate Business

SMS messages are opened within just 5 minutes after being received. AgentDrive, the developer of the real estate Email and SMS marketing software has partnered with leading SMS API developers, Plivo and Twilio so that real estate marketers and agents can use feature-rich SMS apps to power their SMS marketing campaigns with half the effort and get the highest response rates.

The real estate business Email marketing software has everything you need to make Email & SMS marketing flexible & relevant. Use of some tools for your email marketing automation can handle CRM, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and more without the need for third-party software. This means you can design your ideal customer journey without ever leaving your WordPress site.

Real Estate Business Email Marketing App Features

Two-way messaging in 19 countries: Send and receive SMS via carrier networks in 19 countries to get customer feedback and enquiries instantly.
Phone number lookup: Check out details about the connection type of phone numbers to reduce undelivered messages, prevent spam and send highly targeted SMS marketing campaigns.
Long SMS Concatenation: SMS longer than 160 characters? It’s automatically concatenated up to 1,600 characters. No more lost messages or awkward chunking.

Sticky senders: Use a single recognizable ‘From’ number to send an SMS to a particular recipient. Next time they get your message they know it’s you, and you have a conversation history in one place.
Geo-match: Automatically select local phone numbers to extend the reach of your SMS marketing campaigns and create a local experience for your users.
All character sets (Unicode): Unicode support for every language – SMS supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive an SMS in 100+ languages and symbol scripts.

Send SMS text messages to all countries: A global reach for your SMS campaigns – with us, you can communicate to your audiences in any country in the world.
SMS shortcodes: Use a digital mobile code of your choice to send and receive large volumes of SMS. The default base rate is 40 SMS’s per second and can be even higher upon request.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Create visual experiences with picture messages. Images are automatically resized for you, or you can send them as a link.

Real Estate Business Email Marketing

The real estate business email marketing and SMS software will do more than just SMS or Email for your brand message that always reaches its destination. Leverage the power of mobile with the fastest and easiest way to reach people via mobile. Even more great features to make your SMS marketing campaigns outstanding.

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Personalized Sender ID: Easily brand your SMS messages and customize your sender ID with alphanumeric characters to make your messages instantly recognizable.
Bulk Text messaging: Use shortcodes to send your messages in bulk and receive replies within seconds – especially handy for your ever-growing database.

Message queuing: Need to send your messages at a certain rate? Just set your rate and the app will automatically queue and send you SMS marketing campaign just as you need.
Delivery reports: Monitor your SMS marketing campaign in real-time and gets right info on message direction, delivery status, API log reports, billing details, message timestamps and much more. Download the Email and SMS marketing software to give your Email & SMS marketing campaigns global coverage.

Other Essential Email Marketing Tools to promote your Real Estate business

Groundhogg Marketing Automation & CRM for WordPress

This is another wonderful tool to turn your static blog, an e-commerce store or membership site into a personalized customer journey that will help you create more raving fans and maximize profits.

This tool is the Marketing Automation tools for WordPress that can handle CRM, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and more without the need for third-party software. This means you can design your ideal customer journey without ever leaving your WordPress site.


Marketing Automation Tools are Expensive: Most tools comparable to Groundhogg cost at least $49/month USD. And at that low price point, the number of contacts you can store and emails you can send is nominal at best.

Marketing Automation Tools are Complicated: A lot of the other tools inundate you with a huge feature set and hard to understand documentation. We make it easy by providing you with concrete instructions, templates, and videos.

Marketing Automation Tools are Closed Source: We believe that every business has the right to the tools they need, that’s why Groundhogg is OPEN SOURCE because that way anyone can make Groundhogg work for them.

Marketing Automation Tools Keep You Stuck: The business model of our competitors is to lock you in with their features so that it becomes too painful to leave. We think that sucks, and that’s why we’ve worked hard so that our tools but you back in control.

Marketing Automation Tools are hard to integrate: Most other tools require third-party add-ons to integrate like Zapier. Groundhogg can be integrated with many popular WordPress plugins in seconds without the need to pay third parties.

Marketing Automation Tools Promote Their Partners: Many of our competitors make their tools deliberately hard to use to so that you’ll pay more for their implementation services. That sucks! With Groundhogg, everything is DIY and easy as 123.

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WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat

This tool will add a Facebook Messenger chat widget to your website. The Messenger widget is the fastest and simplest way to add live chat to your website, convert more leads and engage your customers, even after they have left your website.

WP-Chatbot is the most popular and powerful chatbot in the WordPress ecosystem, powering up tens of thousands of websites with live chat and web chat capabilities. Here are just a few of WP-Chatbot’s fans:

If you chose to use the Facebook Messenger chatbot on your website opens up a new and powerful marketing channel. You can begin building a Facebook Messenger contact list and engage these potential customers with ease and power.

– Access to more than 1.3 billion Messenger users worldwide.
– 24/7 interaction with customers. Chat with and interact with customers while you sleep.
– Integration with the fastest-growing messaging platform in the world.
– A single, unified inbox for website chats, Facebook page chats, or other entry points.

– Keep contacts forever. Chat history is persistent regardless of when and how your users messaged you.
– Teamwide access to Messenger chat. Your entire team including support personnel from around the world can access the conversations.
– Seamless integration with other powerful chatbot tools. WP-Chatbot is fully integrated with the MobileMonkey chatbot builder.

Real Estate Listings Plugin for Professionals

This is another email marketing essential tool designed for Real Estate Brokerage firm, working in residential and/or commercial, a Single Agent or a professional Website Development team looking to build high-end real estate listings website(s), then the Masterdigm plugin “solution” is your brilliant choice! Not simply a plugin.. but a full solution.

Masterdigm Real Estate Listings plugin is truly a “full real estate solution” allowing for ease of access to manage a myriad of very important job descriptions within a real estate company/organization.

From Lead Sharing amongst the RE team, Reports, Email Marketing/Blast, Property Management, lead incubation and the conversion process, it does all these important business functions and more.

The Masterdigm Real Estate Listings Plugin is a mobile-friendly WordPress real estate plugin with seamless integration to Masterdigm CRM, a highly powered customer relationship manager (CRM).

This makes the website development process much simpler and a more elegant process because many actions are done, like property data entry, lead flow, managed within the CRM instead of behind the WordPress CMS.

Benefits of using this Email Marketing Tool

Easy automated setup: We added demo property listing data. You can see within minutes if you like the plugin.
Facebook and Google + login: Clients can log into the website with via social accounts!
Force sign up after 1,2,3,4,5 property searches: Can be turned off as well. Great for Lead Gen.
Lead Management and Conversion process: The ability to manage the lead in the CRM once the visitor signs up through the site: No WP plugin can do this like Masterdigm.

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Email Property Alerts and Email Blasting: (up to 10,000 emails/month Free) (Integrated with Mailgun and Mailchimp): See open rates, unsubscribes and more.
Lead Sharing within the real estate office: The team can share leads throughout the organization. All leads are kept private per each agent. A broker can manage the whole office.

Manage company documents, i.e., marketing materials, orientation training materials, property documents and more.
SEO friendly URL’s, mobile-friendly design layout.
Manage your own site on your own servers: We can always host the site for you as well. Stand-alone platform. Can work with any WordPress theme.
Website Features like Maps, Walkscore, Video integration ability, Infinite scroll and with pagination: Great for user experience and SEO.


Another email marketing tool built with all of the features you’d normally find in estate agency software into WordPress. From managing residential and commercial properties, owners and landlords, to tracking applicants, matching and emailing them suitable properties, we want to do it all.

By default Property Hive is a property and contact management tool, allowing you to manage your property stock, list properties on your website, record owners details, store applicants requirements and email suitable properties to them.

Through the use of premium add-ons however, you can choose which features you want to bolt-on. The add ons fit seamlessly into the existing plugin, and with each other.

If you already use software such as Jupix, Vebra, Dezrez, Reapit, ExpertAgent, LetMC and more then it’s easy to get your properties imported on an automatic basis at regular intervals so they display on your website.

Property Hive isn’t developed by one person or a small team. It’s built by the world. Property Hive is open-source meaning anyone can contribute, regardless of which country they’re in, or how much existing knowledge of the plugin they have already.

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