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10 Best Qualities of WordPress Designer Near Me

WordPress is the best platform for custom-built websites. Most of the websites are operating on WordPress. So, people hire expert WordPress design agencies. But hiring experienced designers with immense expertise in WordPress designing is a challenging task. Hence setting out certain criteria is essential before hiring a WordPress designer.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Plugin architecture and a template system enable you to salesperson any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store. WordPress designers are familiar with the software and ecosystem of WordPress.

WordPress Designer

They are experts in HTML, CSS, PHP and other technologies. look at this website for top WordPress designers for hire who can create WordPress themes, child themes and plugins, and modify the functionality and portions of the code inside WordPress.

In this article, we will discuss ten things you should consider before hiring a WordPress designer.

Check the Working Experience of the WordPress Designer

Hiring an experienced WordPress designer is important because experience matters. Ask your WordPress designer or agency how many years of experience they have in designing custom WordPress websites. Try to hire a designer/agency with at least five years of WordPress-specific experience.

The designer also must have worked before with your particular field and the tasks you envision. Some good designers who have worked extensively with WordPress but not with your particular type of work, will not be a good fit for your project. Their portfolio and references will help you to know their experience. This way, you will know a lot more than what various designers tell you about their knowledge, skills and abilities.

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WordPress Best Practices

There are various designing practices in the WordPress community. Few web design practices involve security and the measures that are necessary to protect your site from hackers. You will want to know the best practices of your potential designers for WordPress design.

They will use some guiding principles to complete your project. Be prepared for different designers to use varying best practices as they work for you. You should end up with an understanding of each designer’s workflow and how he or she will approach your specific project as well as confidence in his or her detailed knowledge of WordPress.


Before hiring a WordPress designer, you must consider the budget you can afford. WordPress designers will vary in what they charge. Experienced designers charge a high price. But, at the same time be careful about people who underprice your project.

It could mean they don’t understand your project properly or they may charge more after starting the designing process. Hire someone who can give you a professional experience. Ask for them a whole package as the designing process includes several things.

Ongoing Support Services

Hire a WordPress designer who can work for a long time on your project. Initial designing is the first step of the whole process. WordPress is always user friendly.

So you may need the help of the designers from time to time to change some important features or themes according to the feedback and user experience of the customers. Designers may offer you an hourly rate for any type of ongoing help. Be concerned about the customer support service as these are necessary.

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Culture Fit

Designers will work with other team members to accomplish the project. So culture fit is very important. I hope you don’t want to lose a good designer in the middle of the project. You can exclude some of these concerns ahead of time by running culture fit issues before you confirm the hiring agreement.

Understanding the Working Style

There are three ways to build a dynamic website in WordPress.

  • Designers can use an existing free or paid theme as it is.
  • Designers can customize an existing WordPress theme to fit the design to your specific needs.
  • Designers can convert a PSD file to a custom WordPress theme.

So, understanding the working style of the designer is important. Ask them whether they will use an existing theme or they will customise it to fit the work project.

Responsiveness of the WordPress Theme

Today, most people are utilizing mobile and tablet devices for browsing and other similar tasks. Responsive websites get higher click-through rates. Ask your designers whether they can incorporate responsive web design into your WordPress theme. If you want to bring an existing site to WordPress, make sure that the designer can do the job effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is the best search engine optimised platform. But still, it needs some SEO practices incorporated to help your website rank higher in search engine results. So, ask what your designer will use to boost the ranking of your site.

WordPress Plugin Customization

WordPress offers thousands of plugins that can help you increase the functionality of your site. But sometimes, you need to customize a specific plugin or ask your designer to help in customisation. So before hiring the designer confirm his skill in WordPress plugin customisation.

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Turning WordPress Site to a Commerce Site

You may need to convert your WordPress site to an E-Commerce site. This is not a complex process. But make sure the expertise of your selected designer in this area before hiring.


You can hire a good designer with the help of the points we have discussed. Make sure you follow them correctly. You can check the good WordPress designers on this website. We have listed down their names and portfolios. You can contact us. We will help you to hire a good designer.

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