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10 Airport Expert Tips to Stay Calm and Save Time

Whether you are travelling for a vacation trip, a weekend city break or heading for a last-minute business trip, whatever the reason for your travel may be, it’s very normal to feel stressed and concerned while reaching the airport to take flight. We will be sharing a few tips from seasoned travellers that can greatly help you to stay relaxed and calm, once you will be reaching the airport to catch the flight.

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Understand the route to the airport

Figure out the exact location of the airport and route to get there. The Google Maps travel planner may be useful for you and help you reach there on the flight day.


Keep screenshot or print out of the boarding pass

When you are using the boarding pass on your cell phone, take a screenshot of it and save it in the pictures folder. As an alternative, keep a print out of boarding pass, so that if your cell phone battery runs out accidentally, you can show it at the airport.

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Get prepared for a travel

You need to be well prepared before reaching the airport. This involves having your luggage packed, keep a copy of your boarding pass, keeping your passport with you and having a proper plan to the airport. Check-in online to save your time and troubles at the airport.

Book a suitable airport parking amenity

It’s better to book a smart parking service instead of relying on the official airport parking services. It will save your time, money and trouble on the flight day. Booking meets and greets Gatwick airport parking deals parking service provides you with the services of a chauffeur who is made responsible to park your car in the off-site parking lot, hence providing you with enough time for the check-in.

Give yourself enough time

Make sure to leave for the airport plenty of time ahead of your departure time so that you don’t need to rush for the check-in procedure. The line at the airport security may be too long, so allow some time for this procedure and try to save a few to get relaxed in the departure lounge.

Comfortable clothing

To keep you relaxed and calm, you are required to feel comfortable first, hence be careful while choosing the clothes for your departure day. Select a suitable outfit while keeping comfort in mind. Do not wear too many accessories/metal items, as you will need to take them off at the security posts. This will readily save your time ahead of your departure.

A separate plastic bag

Keep your toiletries in a separate zip lock for an easy passage through the airport security. Never opt for standing in the security queue along with your small kids.

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Set an alarm

Set an alarm on your mobile to remind you of the boarding time (at least 10 minutes before the time), so that you may not be distracted in the departure lounge.

Keep your kids occupied

While travelling with kids, make sure to install enough games on your cell phone that can keep them occupied during the travel. This will let you have a comfortable time at the airport ahead of your flight and on the plane. Make a separate backpack for every child, and pack a game console, pen, pencil, a sketch paper, pencil colours, crayons, etc. so that they can draw and colour when feeling bored.

Do not rush to get into the plane

Sit comfortably in the departure lounge at a point from where you can easily see the boarding desk and read an interesting book until the last possible minute. When you see only 2-3 passengers in the queue, then get up and head through the departure gate to board the plane. The plane doesn’t leave any passengers and make several announcements so that all passengers can reach in time.

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