Which T-Shirt Designs Are Popular In The Market?

It’s not just about what you wear to cover your torso, also about the design which adorns it. Your choice of t-shirt designs is an expression of yourself in much the same way as your clothes are. To make your life easier when it comes to buying gifts for friends and family, here’s a rundown of what will be popular this year.

The Latest Trends in T-Shirt Design

Teespring, a well-known online t-shirt design company, regularly monitors the shirts that search for and buy to create an annual list of what will be popular throughout the year. This information is freely available on their website so you can check it out for yourself if you also have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Which T-Shirt Designs Are Popular

Here are the latest trends in t-shirt design that you will find many people wearing this year:

The Infinity Love Symbol

The “infinity love” symbol is one of the most popular single word designs for this year, but it can also be presented as a name or phrase such as “infinity + infinity = forever.” The phrase “love infinity” is equally popular.

Holidays and Festivals

The website listed above monitors the most popular holiday custom socks or shirts each year which include both traditional and contemporary festivals. Some of these include Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. These designs make ideal gifts.

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National Pride and Patriotism

This will also be a popular design, especially with sports fans of any nationality. You can present your national flag or create one that represents you as an individual. Examples include the flags of Brazil, England, Canada or Germany, etc.

Superheroes and Villains

Superhero t-shirt designs are still popular with Batman, Superman, and Ironman among the most common. Villain designs which include Darth Vader, Cable, or Joker are also sought after by many fans.

Zombies and Vampires

This is an enduring trend that has lasted decades; the zombie apocalypse is the trend of choice these days for many people who like to imagine themselves fighting the undead hordes. Vampires have always been popular with fans of Twilight and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Cartoon Characters

Disney and Nickelodeon (Dora and Sponge Bob Square Pants) remain immensely popular with children and their parents, but in recent times this has expanded to include older fans who grew up watching Looney Tunes or The Simpsons.

Robots, Cyborgs, and Digital Monsters

The popularity of robots has been growing in recent years due to increased awareness of artificial intelligence in daily life. Many people find the idea of a mechanical being with synthetic skin more relatable than traditional science fiction ideas about aliens from another planet. This is also true for cyborgs and digital monsters.

Cats and Dogs

If you like pets then there’s a good chance that “cats and dogs” will be high on your list for this year as long as the design is original. One way to achieve this is to use an animal emoji as inspiration, such as the dog face or cat face which are both popular.

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Cartoon Art

Often referred to as “pop art,” this is a broad category of custom all over print shirts designs that covers the works of famous artists such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein but also include stylized images that are original creations by the wearer of the shirt.

Famous People & Celebrities

Finally, the trend of people wearing t-shirts with their favourite actor or athlete continues to be popular. This is especially true if the person depicted has a unique look such as Marilyn Monroe or David Beckham.

What Do T-Shirt Designs Say About You?

T-shirt designs are not simply about promoting your favourite sports team or artist. They are a way for you to express your personality and share information about yourself with the world even if people don’t think to ask you directly. Here’s some basic information about each major design category.

Holidays and Festivals

People who wear these types of designs on their t-shirts typically enjoy celebrating a holiday or special occasion. They might also have a good sense of humour and enjoy jokes or puns.

They may not personally celebrate these events but do so for the benefit of others around them, such as their children who are more likely to be excited about these types of occasions.

National Pride and Patriotism

People who wear these types of designs on their t-shirts typically feel a sense of national pride and would like people to know about it.

They might even be willing to put themselves or their family in harm’s way if necessary to protect their country, such as serving in the military. Superheroes and Villains, people who wear these types of designs on their t-shirts typically like comic books and movies in this genre.

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