Due to the fast evolution of technology, live streaming has gained immense popularity in the past decade. According to the research, live stream content holds 20 times more attention than pre-recorded content on-demand. However, the credit also goes to the live streaming services that leave no stone unturned in keeping the audience engaged.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about live streaming and how it works.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming enables you to send the video online without being recorded and stored. It allows the viewers to watch it over the internet in real-time.

An online event platform empowers the attendees to tune in from anywhere and enjoy the live streaming of any event be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Moreover, the attendees could also communicate online during the live stream through the chat rooms.

How does Live Streaming work?

There are two general ways to live stream-

  • Live stream in real-time
  • Live stream with a slight delay

When you live stream in real-time, the attendees can interact with the speaker and other attendees. Different tools provided by a live streaming platform in UAE can be leveraged during the Livestream like Q & A Session, polling, taking surveys to get instant results.

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However, in real-time, there is no possibility to make any corrections. Sometimes, it becomes awkward when something unsuitable occurs. Moreover, this feature helps in having better communication. Live stream with a slight delay offers the flexibility to edit the video and cut any mishappenings. In addition, you still have the option to communicate virtually.

Choosing professional live streaming services can make your tasks easier as long as you start preparing before the event. The selection of , hardware, customization of the video player, and doing trial runs; execute all these processes to avoid any hassle during the event.

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Set Livestream goals

The first and most important step of live streaming is to set goals and achieve them. After determining the goals, look at other aspects of streaming. Some major goals to focus on are-

  • Amplify the number of viewers
  • Generate more ticket revenue
  • Leverage more sponsors to build more funds
  • Create brand awareness
  • Lead generation

Pick the right live streaming platform

Pick the live streaming platform for efficient streaming with plenty of features to engage the audience. Invest in a live streaming platform in UAE like Dreamcast to achieve a quality live streaming experience.

The live streaming platform allows you to broadcast videos on your website or social media platforms. Moreover, they are entirely white-labelled and ad-free. You get access to control over how to design the video player and position the buttons. In addition, the platform must be able to withstand the large scale of viewers.

Must have Key features of live streaming platforms

  • High-resolution Video- Live stream with high-definition videos to engage the audience and offer them quality experiences.
  • Real-Time Archiving- Enable the audience to watch the previous clips if they joined the live stream late.
  • Video on demand- The online event platform records the video while streaming and makes it available to the audience on demand. This feature is helpful for those viewers who couldn’t tune it live or desire to watch it again.
  • Live stream with privacy and security- The streaming services in UAE must provide high security that not only protects your passwords but also offer features like tokenized security, domain and IP restrictions to limit unauthorized access. In addition, it keeps the video private and safe from hackers with bad intentions.

Outline your Content for seamless live stream

As we discussed earlier, plan everything in the event as there is no time for corrections. Choose incredible speakers for webinars to draw more attendees and engage them. Design the flow of the event with the number of sessions, Q & A sessions, and how long they will be carried out. make sure that your viewers are aware of how to submit questions.

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Moreover, set up chat rooms to allow the viewers to have virtual interaction about the event going on.

Dry Run the live stream before the event

It is a great approach to dry run the event in advance to avoid any kind of issues on the day of the live stream. Check all the devices, systems, and internet connectivity. Make sure all types of equipment are fully charged and have backup batteries. Cross-check the slide show for any typing errors or mistakes.

Just because it is a Livestream does not mean you cannot rehearse. The rehearsal with all the speakers, coordinators and tech team guarantees the success of your Livestream.

Live stream with confidence

There are few things to do when the viewers are ready to log in. Firstly, make sure all the devices are plugged in. Secondly, check the mic, camera, and lighting effect. Thirdly, and most importantly is confidence. Everyone in the team needs to stay confident and active to make the live stream successful. Make sure the webinar platform saves the webinars and presentations to access them in the future.

Livestream Analytics

The live streaming platform in UAE provides data analytics in real-time that tells the number of viewers, their location, and the devices through which they are online. Moreover, it gives out a clear idea about the viewers’ behaviour and engagement.

Livestream on Zoom with professional Live Streaming Services

Due to the pandemic, in-person events have been replaced by virtual ones. People find it easier to live stream from zoom and host the meetings. However, zoom comes up with some limitations, and thus zoom integrated with live streaming services like Dreamcast can offer seamless experiences to the users.

Moreover, this feature is also useful when you need active participation from the speakers who are online from their devices. The speaker can go live on zoom or another video call platform, and this data can be pulled and embedded onto the live streaming platform without acknowledging the audience.

Enough Internet bandwidth

Make sure you have enough internet bandwidth to withstand the heavy servers and do live streams seamlessly. Ideally, you must have a 1.5x stream’s bitrate for an efficient live stream.

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Live Troubleshooting

It is essential to have transparency between broadcasters and the audience to meet their expectations and offer them seamless experiences. Before the event, send reminder emails to the registrants and share an information guide on how to troubleshoot or contact customer support for immediate solutions.

In addition, you can also share a short video on how to use the video player and the functions of various buttons placed on the player. With the streaming services in UAE, you can configure a chatbot to connect with the audience.

Wrap Up

Live Streaming has been a great support for organizations to allow them to connect with their audience in real-time. They provide high-quality content to engage them smartly.

If you are looking for the best streaming services in UAE with various functionalities then Dreamcast is the all-in-one solution that empowers its broadcasters to create, manage and share streamed content with the target potential audience.

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Due to the fast evolution of technology, live streaming has gained immense popularity in the past decade. According to the research, live stream content holds 20 times more attention than pre-recorded content on-demand. However, the credit also goes to the live streaming services that leave no stone unturned in...
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