In recent times, we have had a range of advantages and disadvantages of technology at the speed at which the advancement in technology growing fast. Technology has been the biggest game-changer in the last few decades.

Technology has entirely changed the way we work, entertain, and get connected to our friends and members. We have sophisticated machines in our homes and offices that have increased our efficiency many notches up.

How technology has Become Integral to Our Survival

We hardly use writing tools like pens, pencils, and highlighters because almost every routine work is done either on laptops and desktop computers. Mobile phones are not what they looked like earlier. They have become much smarter, and are understandably called smartphones. They are as good as any advanced computer and are capable of doing every task.

Even at home, technology has contributed significantly. We now use automatic washing machines to do the laundry work and dishwashers for cleaning utensils in the kitchen. Almost every home is equipped with air conditioners, LED televisions, air coolers, and vacuum cleaners. All these have made our life easy and comfortable.

However, everything in this world has its flip side too, and the same is true for technology too. Despite the many advantages of technology and how the disadvantages of technology have also affected our lives adversely. Let us find out.

What are the disadvantages of technology in our lives?

Disadvantages of Technology in Human Life

Toxic Smartphone Games

These days you will often find people of all ages hooked to their phones, tablets, or laptops and playing various video games. Every day, some new game is launched for online consumption that is full of violence, fighting, bloodshed and sexual content.

Teenagers also become addicted to such online games and waste a lot of their important time watching and playing. They have impressionable minds, and therefore, fail to realise how much damage such content can have on their young minds.

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These days’ teenagers often lose their patience and show signs of aggression and violence. This is all due to the disadvantages of technology with such exposure of such online games to their immature minds. Moreover, a lot of their time is lost in these activities that should otherwise have been spent studying, playing or doing some extracurricular activities.

There are thousands of children who committed suicide by playing games like Blue Whale and Memo. In earlier times, when there was not so much technology available to children, they spent their time playing outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton, and tennis.

Those who were not keen on outdoor sports played indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, and Squash. Even in villages where modern games were not available, they played native games like Kabbadi, Kho Kho, and Wrestling.

But technology has changed all that. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad, or a village in Bihar, or a remote hill station, they are all busy on their mobiles phones. Sometimes, how we wish there wouldn’t have been so much technology in our lives. Life would have been simpler and better.

Readily Available Pornographic Content

Today, even school-going children as young as twelve, or thirteen years of age have become addicted to smartphones and the internet. The internet, besides being the storehouse of information, disadvantages of technology here is being the hub for highly objectionable content.

Since there is no check on the internet, young children frequently watch adult and pornographic content on their phones, tablets, and laptops. These disadvantages of technology have played great havoc with their lives because they not only watch such content, they also create and upload them.

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We often hear of cases where an MMS or a video clip of a teenage girl became viral. There are innumerable cases where young girls and boys committed suicide after their objectionable videos became viral on the internet. What is the use of such technology that instead of benefiting, kills young people?

Hacking and Lack Of Privacy

Hackers are very active on social media channels and look for opportunities to steal your important personal details. Of late, cases of fishing and online frauds are on rising where people often become targets of hackers and fraudsters. People bear huge financial losses as a result of such frauds.

Misuse of social media

Social media channels were essentially founded for providing better interaction and engagement among people. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of technology here is being one of the greatest sources of addiction. Young children spend hours and hours together on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Connect app, and compromise their sleep and mental .

Youngsters don’t realise that everything that they see on these channels is not true. All those photographs of good looking models and celebrities on exotic destinations are the result of editing and photoshopping. The perfect six-pack bodies and unblemished skins that you see on Instagram have been created through airbrushing.

After seeing their idols living amazing lives, young people often suffer from low self-esteem and develop an inferiority complex about themselves. They avoid social interaction and imprison themselves within the four walls of their homes. That is why the cases of depression and anxiety among youngsters are on rising.

After spending a lot of time in the virtual world, they lose their connections with real life. They stop admiring the good things of their life like their adoring parents, their grandparents, their neighbour’s, their hobbies, and their close friends.

Technology is full of dangers

These days the mobile phone market is flooded with cheap Chinese products that don’t use quality accessories like batteries. We often hear cases of mobile phones exploding after getting heated up on account of inferior batteries. Many people got burnt and seriously injured in such incidents.

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One of the disadvantages of technology in the use of mobile phones for a longer period is the exposure to increased radiation that causes serious ailments like cancer and brain tumours. Because of the easy availability of phones, and other digital devices, children are paying less attention to their studies, and other personality development activities.

They have become addicted to social networking sites and are forever glued to their phones or computers. They have also started avoiding regular household chores and responsibilities. These Disadvantages of technology has created a very unhealthy atmosphere at home.

It’s up to people how they like to use technology. They can use it for attaining knowledge, and improving skills, or waste it in activities such as chatting and watching third-rated videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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In recent times, we have had a range of advantages and disadvantages of technology at the speed at which the advancement in technology growing fast. Technology has been the biggest game-changer in the last few decades. Technology has entirely changed the way we work, entertain, and get connected to our...
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