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Voice User Interface Benefits for Digital Marketing Agency

The Generation enhances the interaction between a user and systems units through voice commands. This new technological development is going to have a great impact on human-to-machine interaction, eventually replacing keyboards, mice and touch.

Voice user interface can be much more efficient than computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. More importantly to provide an opportunity to develop closer relationships with customers based on a deeper understanding of those customers.

Current research indicates that 40% of the 5,000 consumers interviewed would use a voice assistant instead of a mobile app or website. In three years, the active users expect 18% of their total expenditures will take place via a voice assistant, which is a six-fold increase from today. The study also concluded that voice assistants can improve Net Promoter Scores by 19%. Interestingly, this was the first such study by Capgemini.

Why Digital Marketing Agency Must Start Thinking About the Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface

– You can use voice interaction to make interaction with existing graphical interfaces more convenient for the user or you can also design your own applications for products that only use voice interaction, something which is very handy if you want to work with smart environments.

– A digital marketing agency really needs to take advantage of the voice user interface because this will definitely change their customer experience in ways that we have not seen since the rise of ecommerce.
– Instead of surfing the web or navigating through a website, users can simply ask a question or issue a command.

– The younger generations are using smartphones for everything but traditional voice phone calls. Voice user interface will change all of that albeit not in the way older generations might expect. In Europe, such as millennials prefer to use a voice assistant in stores and not talking to a person,

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– In banking, there is much friction between wanting money or credit and getting it. Capital One has enabled financial account access via voice on Alexa and Cortana platforms. It is also combining visual and voice access on Echo Show. The reasoning for the latter is because humans communicate information faster by speaking and consume information faster visually.

Voice User Interface

Though, the move to voice interfaces is going to be a challenge for some brands and an opportunity for others. Now is the time for companies to experiment and if they’re successful, leap ahead of their competitors and perhaps even set a new standard for creating customer experiences.

The obvious problem with the voice user interface is the limited understanding of human speech, which is not an easy problem to solve. The accuracy depends on an understanding of the words spoken in context, including the emotions of the speaker.

Web and mobile experiences guide users down a path that is meant to translate human thought into something meaningful, but the experience is artificial. In web and mobile experiences, it’s common to search using keywords or step through a pre-programmed hierarchy. Brands win and lose market share based on the customer experience they provide. The same will be true for voice, but the difference is that voice will enable deeper customer relationships.

Culled from Information Week | Why Businesses Must Think About Voice Interfaces, Now

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