Top 10 New Best Business Ideas to Make Money in 2019

Building your own business from scratch can be a very rewarding process. But of course, people tend to evade the idea because of the risks associated with it. Undoubtedly, good new best business ideas to make money
you can establish for long-term profits can be overwhelming for it does require an immense amount of hard work, dedication and resilience.

And of course a good marketing strategy! If you believe you have these traits, then you are set to start your own small enterprise. Now you just need a fool-proof idea to start working on.

Take a look at the following best business ideas to make money to help you brainstorm

Meal Service

Given the highly competitive and busy lives of people, preparing meals has become quite a time-consuming task. People end up spending a good amount of money on takeaways; which are generally unhealthy and expensive. That is why a meal service providing healthy, home-cooked food at an affordable cost has become lucrative business ideas in 2019.

Especially with the growth of specific diet plans like keto diets, plant-based diet or gluten-free diets. With a good survey of the niche, you would like to cater to, you can design a menu and get cooking.

best business ideas to make money

Eco-Friendly Product Manufacturing

With the growing awareness of people toward climate change, active measures are being taken to reverse its adverse effects. That is why coming up with a practical alternative to plastic has become a prospering business idea. Using recyclable shopping bags, toothbrushes, cups and water bottles has already established as a well-accepted business idea.

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If the people of your community are also environmental enthusiasts but do not have access to any of these you can start a market on your own. Or you can come up with your own novel idea about how to save the environment by providing eco-friendly products.

Organic Health and Beauty Products

The beauty industry is steadily increasing and has become a billion-dollar industry. People are becoming more aware of their bodily needs. That is why if you have the understanding of basic skincare or manufacturing organic products, you can start your own business. The following examples can help you with business ideas of starting a business in organic products.

  • Beard oil
  • Home-made hair removing wax
  • Blackhead removers
  • Turmeric face masks
  • Home-made soaps and bath bombs
  • Home-made body scrubs and lip balms
  • Extracting and packaging scented oils
  • Home-made hair masks
  • Fish oil and vitamin supplements

Once you market your product, positive customer reviews can also help you build a stronger customer reach.

Online Coaching Business ideas

If you have a skill that you think might benefit others, then start online coaching. This can also be used as a passive source of income by posting your lectures on a personalized website or YouTube. This way you will not have to spend time teaching students at specific hours. Once you have established yourself on a website, you can also sell your lectures. Websites like Khan Academy provide services in this manner.

  • SEO expert
  • Graphic design
  • Freelance writing
  • Self-published author
  • Motivational speaking
  • Career coaching
  • Online academic writing services
  • Web designing
  • Tutoring undergraduate or high school students
  • Teaching make-up and hairstyling

Health and Wellness App Development

App development has always been an interesting venture. But it is mostly about getting the idea that could appeal to the group of people you are marketing it to. Here are some healthy and wellness best business ideas to make money that has been sparking quite a buzz in recent times – pertaining to health and wellness.

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  • Yoga; techniques of practising at home.
  • Providing home services within your locality through creating a directory for plumbers, electricians, masseuse, chefs, chauffeur, etc.
  • Apps to monitor screen time and increasing mindfulness.
  • Talk therapy by good listeners who get paid to allow people to vent out.
  • Apps to keep up the calorie count
  • Apps to track sleep and exercise timing

The health and wellness industry is also steadily increasing. With people showing more concern about improving themselves, you can develop apps to cater to their needs.

Self-Publishing Business Ideas

Self-publishing is steadily becoming a manner of generating passive income. Amazon has made the process easier and a lot of people have found great success in writing in their specific niches. That is why all you need to do is pick your favourite niche and publish your book. The return will be slow initially, but you will certainly gather a good amount of money with time. Once your book does well you can earn extra income by discussing personal insights or helping others by providing professional academic writing services.

Smart Watches

The sales in smartwatches have seen a remarkable rise since 2018. It is expected to keep growing to $53.2 billion in 2019. If you do not have an official retailer in your country, you can export these and sell them with profit.

Language Translation

If you fluently speak English and another language, you could be a great contributor to language translation. With the need for companies to become more global, language translators are high in demand; whether it comes to developing apps, translating texts, movies or providing bilingual academic writing services the possibilities are endless!

Become an Influencer

A fiercely competitive, yet easy way of earning is by becoming an influencer. All you need to do it pick out your set of interest – whether it is related to fashion, food, automobiles, education. And consistently post about it either through pictures, blogs or videos. Once you have a stable number of followers, you can reach out to companies, or vice versa, for PR packages, promotions and product marketing relevant to your niche. You can earn big with each selfie or video that you endorse.

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Retail and Social Media Management is another best business ideas to make money

Online retail stores are steadily increasing with the busy lifestyle of most people in 2019. Set up your own or help companies set their up by helping with social media marketing. The latter can be a cumbersome process – especially for older companies who have CEOs in their 40s or 50s. They need younger visionaries to appeal to the younger audience.

Thus, if you are a convincing speaker and have the know-how of what will attract the youth you can start your business of social media marketing by reaching out to companies with either inactive social accounts or those that are doing poorly. The gains in this business are phenomenal if you’re good at it.

Hope the above-mentioned business ideas boosted your brainwaves. Pick the field you like the most and invest all your time and energy only then success will be inevitable.

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