To build high-quality backlinks, you need to create a competitive advantage with your brand and . You can use a keyword reclamation method coupled with a brand resource for your SEO link building. The two methods can work together to increase your overall website visibility.

In order to create an advantage with your SEO link building for your brand, you must have a unique business offering. Moreover, you can also use competitive analysis to create a new offering that is better than your competitor’s.

Guest blogging

The best way to measure the performance of your guest posts is to use Analytics. You can easily track the amount of referral traffic you received from the article and other essential performance metrics. This way, you can compare how well your guest post performed against others.

SEO Link building

Then, you can adjust your guest posting strategy as needed. In the end, guest blogging as an SEO link building strategy is highly beneficial. This strategy will increase your chances of generating more backlinks and improve your overall ranking.

Guest blogging as an SEO link building strategy is a proven technique to help you get a high page ranking. As long as you follow the guidelines of the site you are writing for, you’ll see positive results. Make sure to create a unique content strategy to fit the context.

For example, if your guest post is about a topic that you have expertise in, try writing about it in a niche that is relevant to your own business. By focusing on user experience, you’ll increase your chances of receiving high-quality backlinks.

Another important thing to note is that the quality of your guest blog post is crucial. Google is looking for high-quality backlinks to increase your site’s rank. Hence, quality content is essential to achieving high-ranking results from guest blogging.

Remember that Google penalizes sites that employ black hat SEO backlink strategies and use unnatural SEO link building practices. However, it doesn’t mean that guest blogging is bad, as long as you make sure your posts are relevant to the topic you’re writing about.

Besides increasing your website’s backlinks, guest blogging can increase your traffic and reach. Be sure to choose blogs with a high root domain authority and engaged audience.

There are tools to help you choose the best blogs to write for. You can even use SMART goals to determine the number of articles and keywords that are most relevant to your business. This way, you’ll know how much you should invest in guest blogging.

Media outreach

If you are looking to increase your rankings, you should consider using Media outreach as an SEO link building strategy. In fact, 72% of SEO experts consider backlinks to be a critical ranking factor. To get the most out of this SEO link building strategy, you need to identify reputable publishers and reach out to them with your offer.

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You can even offer to write content for them. This way, you’ll be able to build relationships and receive quality backlinks while raising brand awareness. In addition to press releases, you can reach out to websites and blog owners.

Often, Universities and blogs will list speakers on their websites and link back to the speaker’s website. This is a simple, effective way to increase your backlinks. You can also reach out to relevant through social media.

This is the simplest way to increase your backlinks. You can send them an email and request a link. The secret sauce to a successful outreach campaign is topic development. Many companies and websites require a number of contributors, from writers to SEO agencies.

While clients provide the technical input, SEO agencies polish the content. Then, both parties share the editing and review responsibilities. Some content can even be on-site, such as a relevant infographic. Another option is to email media websites directly and ask them to feature your content on their website.

If you’re planning to use Media Outreach as a backlink building strategy, it’s important to monitor how many times your pitch is published, and the quality of the content. The quality of the placements is important because low-quality placements indicate poor outreach strategy, execution, or content.

It’s vital to monitor the quality of your media outreach strategy and make adjustments as necessary. You can even ask your SEO agency for monthly reports, which will help you monitor your campaign’s progress and make necessary changes.

Broken link building

If you’re not sure how to use broken link building to grow your backlink portfolio, you’re not alone. The internet is filled with training videos and content, most of which is simply bullshit and glorified sales pitches.

There’s an alternative, however, and that’s broken link building. Essentially, you build links to a page that has broken links to your website. When these links aren’t working, you replace them with high-quality content.

You can use dead pages as a template for similar content. To learn what the dead page was about, visit Wayback Machine. Once you have the outline, add deeper recommendations and outreach angles. Once you’ve developed a framework for your broken link building efforts, you’re ready to start pursuing broken link opportunities.

Once you’ve discovered several of these opportunities, you can start submitting them to relevant directories. When creating your outreach emails, make sure to use proper grammar and an interesting subject line. Be sure to explain to the prospect exactly where the broken link came from.

You can also disguise the broken link building practices by including other suggested links. But remember: never prod a website owner into using a broken link – this will backfire. You want to provide them with the best possible information that’ll increase their traffic and ranking.

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One of the best ways to find broken link opportunities is to analyze hundreds of similar sites to your own. Try analyzing the broken links of the sites on your own domain or in the niche you’re targeting. You’ll soon have hundreds of broken link opportunities waiting for you to seize. So go ahead and make use of these opportunities to build your backlink portfolio. You’ll be glad you did! So, get started today!


If you’re trying to generate SEO links to your website, consider creating and sharing infographics. Infographics are compact ways to develop content. These images should provide useful information to the viewers. To optimize your infographics, post them on free visual websites like

  • Pinterest
  • Imgur
  • Flickr, and others

Always remember to use proper links to redirect viewers to the original content. Infographics also increase engagement and SEO link building opportunities. Creating and publishing high-quality infographics can lead to many backlinks.

If your infographics are highly-ranked on Google, they will be shown on Image Search. A good percentage of your backlinks should be dofollow links, from authoritative domains. If you want to learn how to optimize your infographics for backlinks, use a link audit guide.

Usually, infographics were published in January 2018 and have been steadily building backlinks for the past 1.5 years. While using infographics as a backlink building strategy requires a little bit of work, the benefits of putting them to good use are significant.

A well-made infographic will have a striking design and a clear message. Data and images should be relevant and accurate. Remember that humans are visual learners, so make sure to use colours that will appeal to them.

Also, when generating an infographic, remember that your target audience doesn’t have to be a technical expert to enjoy its visual appeal. Blogging is another great way to spread your brand’s message. You’ll discover that there are thousands of blogs covering virtually every subject imaginable.

And they all have regular readers. Try sharing your infographics with bloggers who have similar audiences and content. You’ll be amazed at how many people see them and share them with their friends. And since you can’t directly target the readers, you can also use infographics to build backlinks.

Resource pages

Resource pages are a great place to start when trying to get quality backlinks to your website. Not only are they easy to find, but they also encourage SEO link building. You can use Google’s Chrome extension to track broken links on your own website.

If you find any broken links, let the website owner know. This classic link-building technique never goes out of style. Here are some SEO link building strategies for resource page linking: Creating useful content is essential.

When composing a resource page, it is important to think of the problems that visitors are facing, where they can find a solution, and how they can improve the content. A well-written resource page should do extremely well with backlinks.

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The SEO link strategies for resource pages backlink building

  • Find Resource Pages With Search Strings
  • Uncover Different Types of Resource Pages
  • Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Resource Page Links
  • Look for Broken Links
  • Don’t Forget “Mini Resource Pages”
  • Focus On Realistic Targets
  • Use a Mix of Broad and Specific Searches
  • Email The Person That Manages The Page
  • Make It Easy to Add Your Link
  • Personalize Your Outreach Emails. Learn more

Share relevant content on social networks. If your content has been shared more than 100 times, it’s likely to be good. People who link to your resource page are more likely to share it than those who haven’t. Don’t forget to check if your content is popular enough to receive multiple links.

This way, you can target resource page outreach opportunities with a lot of confidence. Remember that this tactic may not always work, but it will increase your chances of success.

Don’t overlook resource pages as backlinks. Although resource pages may not have the best SEO link structure, they are great ways to increase SEO links and build a high-quality page URL.

With careful planning and some smart outreach, resource pages can grow a good backlink profile over time. And if the page has useful content, it may even serve as an SEO link magnet. That’s why resource pages are important for your SEO efforts.

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