The internet plays a supreme role in shaping the way search for information and spend their daily life. As a , it is critical to know the latest SEO components, for example, Google voice search and how it will influence the future of digital marketing. It is estimated that 50% of entire searches will be conducted via voice by 2020.

Before we continue forward, let’s have a glance at the basics. When it comes to the power of the internet, it is unfeasible to neglect Google and its evolving mechanism of serving its users. Google voice search allows users to perform a search query, as opposed to typing, into a device. Voice assistants.

For example, Siri and Alexa use speech recognition capabilities to understand and respond to what users are saying. Voice search proposed a brand new concept; it’s been around for a while. Though, many businesses are still reluctant to realize how the unavailability of a successful voice search strategy can negatively impact their SEO results.

Google Voice search and SEO rankings

Google and various other search engines are putting great emphasis on voice search optimization, as the number of online voice searches is quickly rising. As a business owner, your motto of using SEO is to rank your website higher in SERPs so your audience can reach you. Think of your website isn’t optimized for voice search? You will surely lose customers using voice to find your services or products.

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There is a significant difference between traditional SEO practices & voice search SEO. You must work towards having a balanced SEO strategy that can help you get a better rank for both voice search and text search listings.

How Google Voice Search is distinct from the text?

Google Voice Search

Text searches are short nearly around two words, while voice search queries are longer through the tail. It’s an excellent approach to test longer, more voice-friendly keywords in order to optimize your site for voice. Add some query keyword phrases to your keyword list with filler words. Attempt to know the purpose & query your audience is likely to search using a voice assistant.

Best tips to optimize for Google Voice Search

Google voice search is developing into a more natural and rewarding way of looking for information. Look at some of the tactics you can use to optimize your web presence for voice:

Content development

When developing the content strategy for your business, map questions throughout your client journey. It will guarantee your availability at every stage. From awareness and interest to purchase and customer support, organize questions into different points in the client journey. Long-form content that is simple to read and know ranks well in voice search.

Page Speed

The speed of your site can be the final factor when it comes to SEO & user experience. This factor plays a very significant role in Digital Marketing. Users usually don’t visit that website that is taking too much time to open. They generally leave that website once it is taking enough time to open.

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Featured snippets

Many search results come directly from answer boxes or featured snippets which show up at the top of SERP with quality answers to questions. It is significant to consider that most voice searches are questions asked in the form of queries. Thus, create featured snippets in order to be at the top of regular search listings.


Invest in Google voice search optimization in order to boost the entire performance of your online marketing strategy in the future. If you focus on voice search optimization now, you will be forward of the competition and achieve a long period of time brand growth in the future.

If you are not certain how to implement a successful voice search strategy to stay ahead of the curve, consult a digital marketing company in Lucknow which specializes in search engine optimization (SEO).

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