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As a professional real estate brokerage firm working in residential and commercial, a single agent or a professional website development team looking to build a high-end real estate listings website(s), the Masterdigm plugin solution is your brilliant choice. Not simply a plugin.. but a full solution.

Masterdigm professional real estate listings WordPress plugin is truly a full real estate solution allowing for ease of access to manage a myriad of very important job descriptions within a real estate company/organization.

From Lead Sharing among the RE team, Reports, Email Marketing/Blast, Property Management, lead incubation and the conversion process, it does all these important business functions and more.

The real estate listings plugin has new features coming out on a weekly basis. he Masterdigm real estate listings plugin is a mobile-friendly WordPress real estate plugin with seamless integration to Masterdigm CRM, a highly powered customer relationship manager (CRM).

With this professional real estate listings plugin, website development process much simpler and a more elegant process because many actions are done, like property data entry, lead flow, managed within the CRM instead of behind the WordPress CMS.

The Professional Real Estate Listings WordPress Plugin Options and Features

Professional Real Estate Listings

– RETS integration ability (Contact Us for Availability)
– CRM Integration ability with Property Data feed.
– Property Email Alerts Lead Management Automated Marketing emails (responsive)
– Short Codes (see below)
– Previous | Next for ease of use on the website.
– Hierarchal property structure, i.e., Country, County, City, Community allowing for the highest level of SEO crawl.
– Featured Listings Clean URL structure (No HTML iframes!)
– Print PDF

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– Currently, there are reserve page names. They are as follows:
– Property display the single or full details of the property.
– Search Properties, display the result of the searched properties
– City, display list of properties based in City
– State, display list of properties based in State
– Community, display list of properties based in Community
– County, display list of properties based in County

Advantages of Using Masterdigm Professional Real Estate Listings WordPress Plugin

Easy automated setup. We added demo property listing data. You can see within minutes if you like the plugin.
Facebook login. Clients can log into the website with via social accounts!
Force sign up after 1,2,3,4,5 property searches. Can be turned off as well. Great for Lead Gen.

Lead Management and Conversion process: The ability to manage the lead in the CRM once the visitor signs up through the site: No WP plugin can do this like Masterdigm.
Email Property Alerts and Email Blasting: (up to 10,000 emails/month Free) (Integrated with Mailgun and Mailchimp): See open rates, unsubscribes and more.
Lead Sharing within the real estate office: The team can share leads throughout the organization. All leads are kept private per each agent. A broker can manage the office.

Manage company documents, i.e., marketing materials, orientation training materials, property documents and more.
SEO friendly URL’s, mobile-friendly design layout.
Manage your own site on your own servers: We can always host the site for you as well. Standalone platform. Can work with any WordPress theme.

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Website Features: like Maps, Walkscore, Video integration ability, Infinite scroll and with pagination: Great for user experience and SEO
Customizable Subscription email: When a client signs up, you can now have a custom email with sign up links, passwords and more!

Steps and Process on Installation

During the sign-up process, the Masterdigm system will “automatically” send you an email with the API key. (please check your email’s inbox, spam, promotional tab etc.) If you do not receive it, then contact us to retrieve the API key.

– Install Masterdigm Professional Real Estate Listings WordPress Plugin and activate. Download
– Click on “Plugin Dashboard Page”
– Subscribe by adding the correct email, etc. for email verification purposes. This will kick off several automated processes to make you’re setting up a simple process. Click on the Subscribe button.
– Please check an email from “Masterdigm”. It will have your Confirmation code which needs to add.
– Add the Activation Code and then press the “Activate Code” button.

To install Masterdigm professional real estate listings WordPress plugin, view the Installation tab. The plugin is highly customizable. We created a default property template and can be customized within the theme and there is a default template of the Properties page that can be customized inside the theme.

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