Opera Ads has been a major player in the online advertising market since its launch in May 2019. Opera Ads has engaged millions of Opera users around the world with innovative, content-based Ad experiences that use Opera’s global inventory across all its products.

Opera Ad Manager is a self-serve platform that allows advertisers to manage all aspects of Opera Ads campaigns, from planning to execution, within the Opera Self Service ecosystem. Opera Ads allows you to advertise intelligently and manage your campaigns. Opera Ads’ extensive targeting capabilities allow you to communicate your message to the right audience at the best time and place.

Opera Ad Manager: What does it mean?

Opera Ad Manager allows you to create ads that will appear in Opera Browsers or Opera News Apps. Opera Ad Manager is a portal that allows service providers and business owners to reach their target audience worldwide. It leverages an intuitive interface to allow them to easily access the large inventory of Opera’s trusted news apps and browsers.

Opera Ads

Opera Ads is an automated self-serve engine powered by DanAds. It automates all ad operations and sales to improve efficiency and decrease campaign execution time. This allows anyone to communicate their message to the right audience at the best time and in the most appropriate place.

Opera Ad Manager: Why Advertise Prefer Opera Ads

Safe, secure and trusted: This portal allows you to target your ideal audience with ease and a budget that suits your needs.

Opera Ads – Ads placement

With Opera Ads space available in a variety of formats, you can be different from your competitors and reach customers. You can control the placement of your online adverts to ensure that your business is associated correctly with the right content and that your advertising conveys the desired message to your target audience.

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Roadblock Ads (masthead).

  • Image Ads: Native images ads blend in with the environment to make them more relevant to your target audience. They are also less disruptive for users. These display ads are highly click-through-friendly for brand engagement with customers.
  • Video Ads: Roadblock videos ads are fully visible before scrolling. They play automatically to increase brand awareness. Placement of an ad in the first position is guaranteed for at least 24hrs and 100% share of voice.

Native Ads (image and video)

  • Image Ads: Opera Ads native images blend into your website to make them more relevant to your target audience. They are also less distracting to the user. These display ads are highly click-through friendly for brand engagement with customers.
  • Native Video Ads: Native video advertisements allow you to advertise on a website with relevant placement to engage a digital audience. Video ads are automatically played to increase reach and enjoyment within the digital .
  • Opera Ads Interstitial Ads are full-screen interactive display ads that appear in fixed positions. They provide brand exposure and customers with strong branding. These ads are great for online traffic generation because the user can easily return to your site with one click.
  • Click to USSD Ads – This Opera Ads type allows users to request USSD messaging for business information or services through a call-to-action. USSD messages can be simple and fast. They also command attention by engaging your target audience.
  • Click to SMS Ads: Native ads’ click-to-SMS functionality initiates interaction with users with a call to action message. This allows advertisers to drive conversions through SMS menu responses, while simultaneously advertising online.
  • Click to WhatsApp Messenger Ads: This native ad feature allows you to connect with customers via by clicking a call to action button. Your display ad opens in WhatsApp, where the welcome message encourages users to respond.
  • Click to Facebook Messenger Ads. Interact with your social media followers in Facebook Messenger by clicking the CTA button within your native ads. This welcome message invites your target audience into a conversation and encourages conversion for your company.
  • Click to Call Ads: When users tap the CTA button on your online ads, click-to-call units will initiate a call from the user. This makes it simple to advertise online and start interacting with potential customers.
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Interactive Ads

  • Poll advertising: This allows advertisers to ask a question and receive optional answers. These ads encourage your target audience to voice their preferences, giving valuable feedback for your digital campaign and prominently advertising your company, product, or message.
  • Survey Advertising: Users are encouraged to select their preferences from multiple options. Survey advertising allows you to advertise your product or company while gaining valuable information from potential customers.
  • Lead generation ads: A large image of a hosting site draws attention to lead generation advertising. This encourages to fill out the data capture form, including their email address, phone number and name.

Reach Ad Formats

  • Speed Dial Ads: Theae are the most popular Opera Ads format. It is located in a prominent position on the browser UI to give strong brand exposure. These ads are great for driving traffic because users can visit the advertiser’s site with just one click.
  • Push notification Ads: Opera users receive push notifications that deliver advertisements to them. These online ads can be used as a strong support tool for campaigns. They boost editorial and promotional content and provide a direct link with advertisers.
  • Float Button Advertisements: Float Button advertisements allow brands to display their advertising to users permanently with a 100% share in Opera News. In-feed ads are a unique format that floats above other feed items and remains with your target audience while they scroll through articles.

Steps by Step Tips to Register on Opera Ads Platform

  • Register for an account: Create your account quickly and easily.
  • Define your campaign. Choose the targeting parameters you want: Placement type, device, age, gender and interest.
  • Budget: Choose a budget, and then choose campaign start and finish dates. The number of impressions your campaign gets will depend on how much budget you have.
  • Create an Ad: Select your creative, title and description. Call to Action URL. – If required, enable deep linking and tracking URLs.
  • Start your campaign by selecting your payment option. Worldwide preferred partners to process payments.
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Opera Ads delivers results: Opera Ads engages millions with innovative, content-based ads experiences that are integrated into Opera’s global product portfolio. It’s the preferred platform for advertisers looking to reach large and engaged audiences in transparent ways across the most rapidly growing mobile digital markets.

Opera Ads can be used to grow your business. Register now and log in to the Opera Ad Manager portal to access the state-of-the-art self-serve tools. They make placing Opera Ads easy, completely manageable at each stage, and you can easily adjust the campaign to meet its objectives.

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